Law Enforcement in this nation has never faced tougher challenges than it does today and will in the future. The threats of terrorism and rising criminality within our communities together with diminishing resources and budgets will exert pressures never before experienced in the law enforcement community. 

How widespread is the problem of corruption? Why did these officers make the decisions that they did? Did their agencies fulfill their responsibilities to the public in the training of the officer? Accountability is the most vital aspect of gauging the respect that we have for ourselves and those we have relationships with, be they familial, personal or professional. Today Lt. Randy Sutton will talk to you on ‘The three levels of accountability’.

We must be prepared physically and we must be prepared mentally, we must take pride in ourselves, our agencies and our profession. By doing so we will be better prepared to face the formidable challenges of the future, build strong bridges with our communities, and will truly be “Policing With Honor.”

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