Police Chief Pat Englade Is Saving Officers Lives

“Retired Baton Rouge Chief Saving Police Officers Lives” When retired Baton Rouge Chief of Police Pat Englade discovered during the dangerous civil unrest swirling around Baton Rouge, that hundreds of Law Enforcement Officers either didn’t have body armor or it was outdated, he and some incredible local business people sprung into action. Together they created a foundation that has outfitted a thousand officers with protective vests and other gear. A path for all of America to follow.

“Your people are your organization – If you don’t take care of your people, you have no organization.”
Chief Pat Englade

And in his “View From The Blue” Show host Randy Sutton hails the incredible courage of the men who gave their lives on a train in Oregon protecting two Muslim women from a murderous thug. He also pulverizes the “Sydney Peace Prize” for being awarded to the founders of the racist hate group Black Lives Matter.

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