There was the media-fed story. There was the political story. There was the Department of Justice story. There was the State and Local story. And then there was the REAL STORY. Police Chief of Ferguson, Missouri, Thomas Jackson sets the record straight here on America Out Loud with another outstanding episode of POLICE RADIO by Lieutenant Randy Sutton.

The police shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson ignited a firestorm of controversy about police “Use of Force” and a political avalanche of criticism about the police response to the civil unrest in that city.

“I don’t know why they (media) put the story out there so quickly without verifying anything, but it went viral right away… we were never able to pull this story back or to listen to the truth,”
says Chief Jackson.

The TRUE story about what took place is now revealed by the man who was there. Chief Tom Jackson who had 31 years as a St. Louis Police Officer and Commander before taking the job as Chief in the suburban town of Ferguson tells the riveting story about how political interference from State and U. S. Department of Justice officials cost lives and advanced the destruction of the city.

'Hands Up Don’t Shoot' became the false narrative that swept the nation like a firestorm. But, there was so much more to this story – and today Chief Jackson sits down with Lieutenant Randy Sutton to discuss the Out Loud Truth!
“It was shocking, I was amazed how quickly big politicians were able to throw law enforcement under the bus,” Chief Tom Jackson.