It’s America’s 244th Birthday and we are reminded once again why our forefathers fought during the American Revolution, and why they created the vital and liberating document known as the Declaration of Independence.

2020 has become known as the year of the 2nd American Revolution, through the bearer and burden of revelations, we pull back the veil and grasp clearer insights into the unfolding of tyranny, treason, sedition, espionage, and chaos and the not so silent wars of domestic and foreign adversaries.

Rogue movements of domestic terrorists intensified over the past couple of months, spreading like cancer through the motivation of corrupt politicians, and their systemic crime syndicates.

Funded by corporations who align their politics with the socialist agenda and Anti-American Democrat party, using BLM, and ANTIFA, as their henchmen to raise holy hell in the streets of American communities across this great nation.

We’ve all heard the quote by President Ronald Reagan, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

No words have resonated more fiercely as they have through our predecessors, for they knew all too well about the evils of tyranny.

Look around America and you will see the historic relics, the very essence of national treasures and are the very symbolism displayed in our nation’s national monuments, parks, memorial sites, cemeteries, and museums⏤they capture the era of the intrinsic spirit of timeless heroes who birthed the term “America is the home of the free, because of the brave.”

Currently, during this year’s celebration of our nation’s birthday, we are overrun by the promising threats and the hostile and criminal acts of the misguided young minds President Reagan warned us about.

Generations of tyrants who know nothing of American history, who care nothing for their fellow man, and who’ve been indoctrinated by a runaway education system and a culture of ignorance favoring me first ideologies.

These tyrants are the masked bandits who defaced and vandalized countless national monuments throughout the country with little regard for consequences they will legally face with the promise of ten years + in jail and branded for domestic terrorism.

A list of the statues across the US toppled, vandalized or officially removed amid protests

Recently, the U.S. military arrested 16,000+ obstructionists for domestic terrorism, trafficking, vandalism, murder, rape, pedophilia, and other crimes.

Never has there been a time in American history such as there is today as President Trump dismantles the universe and structures of these monsters who lived among us, preying on all we held as sacred.

Please don’t ask the ignorant question of why this information is not being broadcasted on the news?

You should know Fake News is bought and paid for by foreign entities who infiltrated through the domestic media and other propaganda owned channels of communication.

Currently, there are rumors flying around social media and youtube by radical forces threatening to unleash mass killings and maimings on white Americans throughout suburban and rural America as they burn our flags, homes, and vandalize private properties.

They’ve been witnessed canvasing the wealthier neighborhoods in search of their next victims, carrying signs reading “you better respect us” and “get down on your knees” as they chant black lives matter, and this is not a racial divide among these culturally deprived punks, there are just as many whites who participate along with the blacks and other races.

There are also reports of these gangs eating in restaurants then walking out without paying their tabs, they incite fear against innocent citizens in shopping centers, prey on the elderly, block roads and interstates, and chant lude and racial statements while they destroy the property and businesses of private citizens.

News flash for the tyrants, Americans have had enough of your B.S., there are cowboys, granny’s with guns and militias on alert, biker groups even the crips gang members chasing BLM and ANTIFA out of their communities.

It’s a sad contradiction that Americans have to become weaponized and strategized on the anniversary of her birthday and what should be a happy and carefree time of celebrating liberty and freedom.

Veterans and patriots are pulling together to keep neighborhood watch over communities, they remind these dark forces they will execute all measures within the law of their constitutional rights, provided to them by our forefathers who fought bigger tyrants of kings.

Such a karmic curse to be counted among the thousands arrested in this culture of lost souls, their life is now destroyed by bad decisions and ideologies belonging to an American outsider, as they vibrate to the frequency belonging to a foreign agent. Perhaps we should enforce a law to deport self-proclaimed enemies who burn the American flags while ranting they hate America.

These fools don’t realize satellite drones and eyes in the skies have taken their pictures, and that the alphabet groups and fusion centers have a database registry of facial recognition, there will be no turning back, you play, you pay, and most Americans won’t stand for terrorists to tread on our flag, our people or our country.

Get it through your thick skulls, America is a country of laws, we will never defund our police forces and those rogue mayors and governors who licensed these illegal actions by aiding and abetting you, should, and most likely will be arrested and held accountable as they too are domestic terrorists.

My hope for these hellions would be to put them in a military prison-like Marine boot camp on steroids, a place where they will be retrained mentally, physically, emotionally, and most important, spiritually.

A special prison where structure, humanities, civility, and American history are taught so well they can recite their lessons in their sleep and let’s not leave out language lessons for most of them can only speak vial forms of noise and shrieking sounds from the pits of hell.

Yes, I do believe that ten good years in transformation prison would make the world a better place when these domestic terrorists are released, this would add merit to at least one or two generations we lost through the decades.

We stand on the shoulders of true heroes, as we were created upon Judeo-Christian beliefs and blessed by God as the beacon to the rest of the world.

Happy Birthday America!
It’s been a very transformative 244 years of guts and glory.
God Bless our President, military and true patriots, who will defend our nation forever in time.