He placed the loaded pistol to his head and pulled the trigger... 2

He placed the loaded pistol to his head and pulled the trigger… what happened next changed everything! Justin Peck drove to the top of the mountain, put the pistol to his temple, and he then pulled the trigger to end his life.

“I turned back to the half-finished note I had written to her. My heart breaking and the tears flowing. I set the notepad down, reached into the truck’s console, grabbed my pistol. Loaded it. Put it to my head and pulled the trigger.” Justin Peck

Justin was born with NO fear of consequences. As a child, he knew he was different: extremely emotional, highly sensitive, overly thrill seeking, and in many cases, death-defying. He grew up to be a man of insane highs and lows. He took greater risks, stopped at nothing, and achieved more than he ever dreamed, simply because he wasn’t afraid to fail. With barely a high school education, he became a race-car champion, successful entrepreneur, and an inventor.

Justin Peck shares with us the TRUE STORY of a man who learned to rethink the life he wanted to end, master his inner dialogue, and create the mindset that’s made him truly bulletproof. Truly an inspirational story of emotional healing and one man’s determination to pursue a life of purpose while helping others who are struggling with mental illness.

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