When reliable sources like The Economist, say that governments are getting tougher over this China Virus business, and when we see growing media fueled hysteria and panic as the driving forces of government imposed involvement (petty dictatorships), I become a little concerned about America’s future at the grass roots level. The People seem to have lost control of their Constitutional powers and have become instead, the slaves to the servants we voted into office, who now think, as servants, they are actually our masters. We’ve got to change that thinking.

Can it be true? Are we to become slaves to a class of all omnipotent petty dictators at the city, state and local levels who require us to do their bidding simply because we voted for ’em once, and they now sense some ominous danger occurring about which they can do nothing except to interfere in daily life by issuing orders for everyone to “shelter in place” and give up?  

It can’t be true! From where do governors and mayors derive this singular power to quarantine their entire States and communities; order certain stores to close and otherwise squeeze the life blood out of their domestic products? It’s a damn lie!

They don’t have this plenitpoaentiary power so why do we believe ’em? The enemy of the truth is not the deliberate and contrived lie, that’s dishonest, like Hillary Clinton is and we recognize it, but to perpetuate the myth of their omnipotence is to fool us, not once, but over and over again. We acquiesce in bewildered hopelessness and fear. We’ll do that again when Democrats, should they win, come after our bank accounts and our safe deposit boxes while reimposing onerous taxes. They’ve told us that this is what they will do. They want a Socialist economy, not a prosperous one.

America is headed for a depression. Any recession will quickly come and go but what must the consequences be of such action as quarantining the economy by edict?

The doors of economy will shut, their will be no income or sales taxes collected, no retirement contributions, no products delivered to store shelves, no fields tended, no animals fed or cows milked and treatment for normal sicknesses, animal and human, will be suspended until patients become victims, not of the disease, but of unneeded bureaucracy ordained by petty dictators clad in mayoral robes surrounded by their bodyguard of lies. Government is our biggest problem.

At present, Trump is far too busy trying to keep the economy going to be a dictator, while Pelosi and Schumer are still working to destroy Trump’s economic miracle that they may blame him for the collapse and expect victory in 2020 for themselves. It is left up to state governors to act or not. If they overreact, that spawns hyper over-reaction at lower governmental levels until local politicians, in desperation, call a halt to everything by applying the quarantine that negatively fires up the populous. These are certain precursors to violence! 

If you haven’t gone ding-bat crazy yourself yet, and are appalled by the hysteria the media propagandists of China and their American proxies have brought us, then you realize the action by some state governments is clearly overblown and borders on a lawlessness signaling an effort to end American’s Constitutional Liberties.

The China virus is really all the excuse local Democrats need to begin chopping away at the Constitution on the idea of protecting the communities health and safety. Closing down gun stores by edict, but not liqueur or marijuana stores, is an example. Let’s not be fooled here either. “Never let a crisis go to waste!”

So, as the Democrats have no policies to present to the American public, they must rely on lies, illegals and voter fraud to regain the power of incumbency. They must defeat Trump by hook or by crook⏤or their dreams of a New World Order will die with ’em. We can only hope! 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s go throw the bums out.