The one subtle but noticeable difference in talking to Vanderbilt Professor Carol Swain is her passion for the truth. Swain is another powerful voice for black leadership in America that is not only calling, but demanding change in how minorities perceive the issues and take to the polls.

“They (Democrats) use the politics of fear, and fear seems to be very successful for motivating people, and that’s how they get minorities to the polls. They can’t actually get minorities to the polls on what they actually deliver,” says Carol Swain. She goes on to say that “They have to have a boogey man, so they made the Republican party the boogey man, people are motivated by fear…”

On controversies surrounding her role as a Professor: “I want my students to have free speech, and when I assign readings, films and books, I assign things from the left and the right – I try to present them to a balanced view of a topic…”

On Black Lives Matter: What is the Black Lives Matter movement all about? “I believe that it’s been a very destructive force in America, and I urge all of your viewers to go to that website and look at what they’re really about,” the law professor said.

On the film Hillary’s America: “I would like to see this film reach as many people as possible, especially minorities who are convinced the Democratic party is a party of Equality, Liberation, Civil Rights, and Economic Mobility. Once they watch the film I am hopeful it will encourage them to research additional information on these important issues”.

Vanderbilt University Professor Carol Swain is a widely recognized expert on campaign and elections, racial politics, immigration reform, and religious liberty. Her education and experiences make her a credible and powerful force for change in today’s social and political climate where conservatives are intimidated to champion an often-unpopular message.

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Book: Be the People: A Call to Reclaim America’s Faith and Promise
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A Call to Reclaim America's Faith & Promise
A Call to Reclaim America’s Faith & Promise
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