At Edina High School in Minnesota at a Veterans Day assembly, a group of students sat upon the floor, refusing to stand for the National Anthem, and were disruptive throughout the ceremony while veterans were there. Even when taps played to honor those departed, the angry students used their cell phones to play loud music. Then booed when The Star-Spangled Banner was played.

While this was going on, another group of students, the Young Conservatives Club, distraught with this behavior, recorded the students misbehaving with their cell phones and posted some of the videos on Twitter. Ironically, said video posted by the Young Conservatives Club has been removed. Also, during the ceremony, the Young Conservatives Club had a private chat line and texted to one another during the event, expressing their horror.

Suffice to say, one of the Young Conservatives had a cell phone taken from them, was ordered to unlock it—and when the school administrator saw that one of them had texted something along the line, if they hate America why do they live here?

Well, that was considered by the school administration to be a racially intolerant comment—and the Young Conservatives got in-school suspension.

By the way, the administrator who took that student’s phone and ordered it unlocked–that was a violation of the student’s civil rights on the spot, but it gets more interesting.

Later, a video surfaced on YouTube made by “Antifa EHS”, with explicit threats made to the Young Conservatives at Edina High School. (See link below, police are investigating.)

Suffice to say, not long ago in America, this never would’ve happened. Immigrants living here, at least had a modicum of respect for those who fought and died for the USA.

Haven’t we produced enough homegrown America-haters in this country without needing to import millions more? Neither political party seems willing to stem the flow of immigration—and this, dear Americans—will be our undoing.

In fact, most in congress and state along with local municipalities refuse to enforce existing immigration laws, let alone pass new ones. The reason being, they do not want to lose that precious minority voting group. Our representatives are fearful to be criticized in the media, and they’re terrified to lose favor with Progressives who run the media in America.

Yes, Edina High has a “Young Marxists Club” and they post garbage on Twitter. I am shocked Edina High School allows this to take place. I could not find a “Young Conservatives” group from Edina High School on Twitter.

As I watch events like this play out in my country—I realize that the true resistance will take place right here, right now, with people like me who dare to speak out about this abomination taking place in America.

Marxists are the enemy of the state.
Make no mistake.
Marxists are a clear and present danger to life and liberty as we know it.  

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