In a quiet little Missouri community there are people from all walks of life reporting miracles of healing. These stories of miracles from ordinary people continue to increase. Medical professionals are baffled as to how people who were in the final stages of cancer are now cancer free. Miracles where the dead are raised back to life again, and people are healed, and are saying it is the work of God. Is this real? Are we in a day of the Bible coming to life? This show brings to life the power of healing through one man’s encounter. You will hear the life transforming story that turned a local business into a place where more than 3000 people were healed. A physical log and journal of 70-pages is kept as documentation from real people who experienced these miracles.

The power of miracles Is as old as time itself. We have all heard the stories and watch the television shows of people who have made claims of being healed. Perhaps you too have a story of the supernatural. I would love hearing it. Contact me at

Don Ware is a healing Evangelist who has experienced the power of God manifesting in a powerful way! His ministry spans decades. Don Ware is the head of God’s Way Ministries. He and his wife Shirley founded this ministry as a result of the numerous people who were healed at their auto care business. Don testifies to the numerous healings that have taken place during his ministry and continue as he takes the healing power of God to radio and local churches. He believes the healing power of God is for today and that everyone has access to this power.

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