There’s one thing we can all do for our health that not many people are talking about and that is to stay away from toxic people. There are some people you just always look forward to seeing because they make you feel good and other’s make you want to run when you see them coming that is – run in the opposite direction! These are what we call ‘toxic’ people and they can not only ruin your day they can ruin your health.

In a study done by Friedrich Schiller University in Germany, they discovered that toxic people “caused subjects’ brains to have a massive stress response.” The study goes on to say that “Weeks of stress cause reversible damage to brain cells, and months of stress can permanently destroy them.” I knew I was in trouble when I read this!

It’s not just brain cells that are damaged but it affects our whole body in ways I’m sure science hasn’t discovered yet. Toxic people have lower energetic vibrations and when we are around them we subject our body to these same lower frequencies, and as has been said before on the show, lower vibration frequencies are a precursor to illness and disease both physically and psychologically.

Jessica Zavala, a life coach and intuitive, and I go over an article in by Travis Bradberry called, “10 Toxic People You Should Avoid At All Costs” and discuss her life living with negative people and what she did about it and what you can too.

Once you know who to watch out for and stay away from as much as possible you can protect yourself from the harm their negativity can cause. And never forget – You Do Have A Choice!

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