Small business is the engine of America. It employs millions of Americans in thousands of types of jobs. More often than not, small business owners live in a month to month environment. They strive to bring enough business in to cover their monthly payroll, rent, utilities, cost of goods and eek out a paycheck for themselves. There are low seasons and high seasons, low months and high months, and at the end of the day some thrive and some survive. Yet the importance of small business to our economy cannot be underestimated. It provides 48 percent of all jobs in America, and 18 percent of all US employees work for companies with less than 20 employees.

There are 30.2 million small businesses in this country which comprises an astounding 99.9% of all United States businesses. They employ 58.9 million people. Small business accounts for the most job growth year after year in America.

Many of these small businesses are looking for a life raft to survive in the midst of this mandated government shutdown. While Speaker Pelosi and Congress negotiate the needed funds with a selfish respect to their own political gain⏤small business owners and employees are drowning in the waters of the pandemic. 

Small business owners are not big corporations with huge amounts of cash socked away. They literally live and die on the day to day business they create. There is no business now for far too many of them. The first relief money was gone so fast, it left millions of business owners and their employees in limbo.

When the bill came up to replenish, Nancy and her democrat colleagues wanted to add in things like mail in ballots, extra money for “disadvantaged” businesses, money for hospitals and state and local governments, and money to bolster food stamp benefits. They can and should put any of those needs in a different bill and pass a clean relief bill for small business immediately.

Like millions of small business owners, I take this very personally. Like millions of small business owners, I applied on day one of the first stimulus program. I applied through Chase bank who sent a form email that they received my package and never heard another word until I learned the money had run out. I could not call Chase, I could get no answers. I am doing everything I can do to save my business that I have put my life into, and that my employees, good people all, have put their faith and efforts into. Like millions of other small business owners, I have had a successful and thriving business and have shared that with all of my employees. I pay my taxes, I give back to society, I create employment, and then the plug is pulled on all our lives overnight.

Nancy, these are real peoples lives. Good Americans with children and bills and medical needs and extended families who are being laid off all over America.

These are business owners who have risked everything to see a need and try to fulfill it for society and who create jobs, not for stick figures, but for real people. You and congress are destroying these businesses every day you hold up the funding.

You all left and went on vacation while people’s lives and futures were disintegrating. My employees had to be laid off and have not seen one bit of unemployment money. I did all the right things to obtain the PPP loan to save them, but money ran out and has not been replaced due to your partisan games with peoples lives. It is painful for business owners to watch the damage you are causing to their lives and the lives of the employees who are like family to us.

Your political game of wanting to give more to “disadvantaged” businesses is flat out wrong. We are all disadvantaged right now and not one of us has any more or less right to getting the help from this relief package you are denying us. There is no business owner  more or less worthy than me, nor any employee more or less worthy than mine. We are all equal and deserve to be treated as such. For you, Nancy, to say that some are more equal smacks of your favorite word, discrimination.

We are ALL wondering and agonizing how to pay our rent this month, how to keep our employees’ medical paid, how to keep the lights on. We are worried about piling on debt we can never get out from under. Employees likewise are worrying about their rent and bills, car payments, food, credit card bills and incurring too much debt to climb out of.

Not only are you showing your heartlessness Nancy, it is just plain stupid to destroy the engine that powers America.

We understand that the end goal of blaming President Trump for the economic downturn is your only goal⏤and you are willing to cause that downturn to achieve the said goal in the hopes it will cost him the election. But these are real peoples lives you are using as pawns in your win at all costs game.

We in small businesses will never forget that your hatred of one man has stripped us of our lifetimes of work and our employees of a piece of their futures. Do the right thing for small business and get a clean bill passed now. For once Nancy, put your rich egotistical self aside and think of the suffering you are causing by withholding funds for people with one foot off the cliff, and waiting for a helping hand to survive.

Image: Reuters