Pelosi Spends Last Dime While Trump Campaigns for Re-Election

by | Dec 19, 2019 |

All good movies start with something called a log line. That’s the single sentence encapsulation of the story arc that captures the essence of the film.
This is a historic day for America. Under the leadership of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, the United States Congress voted to forward two articles of impeachment to the US Senate for trial accusing President Donald Trump of an abuse of power and obstructing Congress.
The act is the culmination of over three years of resistance to the outsider President who has spent his entire term to date embroiled in a struggle for power against a deeply embedded Washington D.C. establishment culture.
This point in the plot marks the end of the line for Pelosi’s influence on events. From this point on, matters are under the control of the Republican controlled Senate, a body the United States Constitution deliberately designed to be a very different universe from the raucous turmoil of the House.

My question is who wins the academy award here? The redeemed Joker or the two curmudgeons from the Muppet Show?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has displayed little patience for what has taken place in the House. He branded it “incoherent” the morning after. Pelosi, on her part, seems not sure that the previous nights romp was a good idea either. Someone’s got a heck of a hangover from last night’s “Animal House”. The question in front of Speaker Pelosi is will she or will she not drag the soap opera out?
The political risks are extreme; all scenarios lead to debacle. I think Pelosi miscalculated big time. She knows it. The day after is walk of shame day. She should have disciplined her party better.
Reviewing the moment, analysts almost universally conjecture what, if anything, Speaker Pelosi accomplished by spending all the political capital she had on a symbolic token that will most likely die a quick death in the other chamber. The consensus is that, in the aftermath of the vote, it is not about “Will the Senate convict the President?” Rather, it is about how many moderate Democrats will lose their seats in the 2020 election. The larger picture of doom is, after Donald Trump is re-elected, will the Democrats even retain control of the House?
The polls are doubtful for the Democrat’s hopes. If anything, the events since Speaker Pelosi unleashed Chairmen Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler against the President have managed to turn Donald Trump into a sympathetic figure for more Americans.
The polls, if you still believe polls, say Trump has made headway with minority and moderate voters as the Democratic House has shifted further and further to the left to maintain the momentum of their “resistance”. There’s a lot of people asking that most wonderful of movie lines, “What if we’ve been fighting on the wrong side.”

Trump has been aided by a growing economy and a track record on wins on the international scene that Americans will be reluctant to give up in November to vote for a Democrat platform that would radically change the economy into a high tax, central planning, socialist design with leadership espousing servitude to a globalist agenda.

Such a thing may please party activists, media elites and academics; but it’s a very hard sell to ordinary Americans.
What does sell to ordinary Americans is job creation and “America First” nationalism on both the economic and security fronts. And in this regard, Donald Trump is clearly succeeding in delivering the bacon. That’s a reality that is getting through to the electorate despite the massive negative spin on the news being used to attack the White House’s record.
Manufactured controversy may boost Nielsen ratings, sell subscriptions, and generate click-through; but I wonder if the media will ever figure out that the circus they’ve created to themselves attempt to “influence the election” has actually been selling “Donald Trump for President 2020” for free this entire time.
That’s the real story in all of this. Everyone has been abusing their power except for Trump.
The President, on his part, has played his fiddle masterfully while the Beltway has crashed and burned. Trump starved the access of a hostile press forcing them to teeter on every Tweet that erupts from the now infamous @realdonaldtrump account. These are book ended with official letters and statements from the White House that provide plenty of fodder for media talking heads who cackle on and on about nothing. Does one really need more proof that the main purpose in life for a media outlet is to fill 86,400 seconds of dead air on a satellite uplink for each channel every day?
The “Mad About Trump” show is like the movie “Truman” where the entire world’s obsession was to watch Jim Carey’s character. You just need to change the name slightly and that’s pretty much what the mainstream media does for a living now. Everyone else like Pelosi and company are competing for best supporting actor. There are even box office flop girl squads in the film aka they who must not be named. Somebody really needs to have a talk with central casting about that. The D.C. version of “Tool Time” was better with Hope Hicks playing the part of Pamela Anderson than the dour faces of doom from the State Department. Just saying.
Pelosi’s admonition to House Democrats to be somber on the day or the vote is more theater that pegged the needle on my bullshit detector. The left of aisle contingent’s urge to party like it’s 2008 has been palpable for days. But it wouldn’t do to have everyone dress up in white again like a bunch of Storm Troopers making who knows what hand signs saluting the new Democratic First Order, with the red clad Emperor’s Guard aka Handmaids in the rafters. Ah. It’s too close to the premier of Episode IX. Pelosi would probably be sued by Mickey Mouse for copyright infringement.
Yes! I do think the DC circus did become that macabre.
The irony of the moment is that as the House was voting for impeachment, Donald Trump was at a rally campaigning for re-election. These rallies and debates are the real battlegrounds of political America in 2020. 
In this regard, the President is succeeding while his Democratic opponents struggle to even arrange venues to hold what remains of their debates. The Democratic candidates field is so weak that single-issue gun control candidates such as Mike Bloomberg who, in yet another irony, is arguably the only New Yorker with a more caustic personality than “The Donald”, are appearing on the scene because they aren’t broke like the rest of the DNC is. It’s a remake of “Rise of the One Percent”. The Dark Side always rises from just east of the Hudson River.
I’m waiting for a guy named “Snake” Plissken toting a couple of MAC-10’s in an Uber driven by Quinton McHale breaching Riker’s prison to rescue the real Jeffrey Epstein secretly being held hostage by the intelligence community to show up next. It’s the Internet. Anything is possible if you have enough “bots”.
I can’t wait for this Trivial Pursuit game of Congressional “resistance” to recede into the background.

Dennis Santiago
Dennis Santiago

Dennis Santiago is an author and commentator on national policy and global stability issues. His subject matter expertise was developed during the Cold War as a strategic warfare systems analyst, missile defense architect, and arms control analyst. He is the author of the US Imperfect Defense Theory of Strategic Missile Defense. Dennis has worked on conventional warfare, nuclear warfare, and asymmetric warfare. His expertise includes combat aircraft, ordnance, electronic warfare, command and control, campaign design, and game theory.

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