Peace on the Peninsula & Israeli Border –Ā One of the dominating stories of recent weeks has been the efforts by President Trump and now Secretary of State Pompeo along with the Chinese President Xi to bring Kim Jong-un to the Peace table.Ā North Korea has vowed to remove nuclear weapons and materials from the Peninsula if the South Koreans do the same, is this an empty gesture?Ā What kind of role does the UN play in these efforts?Ā Hundreds of Palestinians converged on the Gaza Strip’s border fence with Israel in a show of violence. Israel responds as Hamas threatens Israeli territory.Ā Ilana FreedmanĀ Ā andĀ Dennis SantiagoĀ provide excellent analysis for these troubled regions.

Obstructionism & the Comey Fiasco –Ā Mike Pompeo was confirmed on a 57 – 42 vote as Secretary of State.Ā Richard GrenellĀ was confirmed 56-42 as Ambassador to Germany after a long delay since last September. And the nomination of Adm. Ronny Jackson as VA Administrator became controversial and fatal as the war of political and media propaganda rises to new heights.Ā Former FBI director James Comey is on a national book tour and political show appearances that has everyone talking. How hasĀ his book tour and media barrage effected the Mueller Investigation and the political landscape?Ā Ava Armstrong,Ā Dr Ron MartinelliĀ andĀ Jim McCayĀ take on the hottest political topics in our Roundtable Panel Discussion.Ā 

Viewpoint PresentsĀ The Casual Hatred Against Cops – Another ambush attack on two police officers, this time in Trenton, Florida while they were eating at a local restaurant–they were gunned down in broad daylight.Ā This has become part of a pattern that we are seeing more and more of–what is behind these ambushes? The Golden State Killer headlined the news this past week after a 40 year investigation. The media headlines wanted folks to believe that the killer was a career cop gone bad–what gives?Ā The number one cause of police death by gunfire is ambush attacks; how do police guard against these attacks?Ā The media continues to accuse police of brutality and racism when the facts simply DO NOT add up. Does this bias and media narrative result in more police deaths by ambush?Ā Sgt. Betsy Smith: Police Officer for 29 years, A law enforcement trainer for over 20 years, she is a consultant, trainer and author to the industry.Ā Jennifer Breedon, is the President of Breedon Law International focusing on legal consulting, international policies, with a special focus on human rights.Ā DrFaye Wilson Author, Inspirational Speaker, Ordained Minister and Underdog Advocate – and host of the show The Energy Bar. LOOK FOR OUR NEW SERIES ** VIEWPOINT PRESENTS ** COMING THIS MAY.