Televangelist Jim Bakker suggests that if you want to survive the end of days, the best thing you could do is buy one of his cabins in Missouri’s Ozark Mountains. And while you’re at it, be sure to pick up their six 28-ounce “Extreme Survival Warfare” water bottles for $150. “Where are you going to go when the world’s on fire? Where are you going to go? This place is for God’s people.” … says Baker. His claim is that this is the safest spot to live when the apocalypse comes.

There are countless solutions and promises of redemption if you do this, buy that, or trust me…. so what is the difference between FEAR and being INFORMED? We rarely hear the ‘rest of the story’. Media distrust is at an all time high. As my grandfather use to say; there is a seat for every ass, and an ass for every seat – just pick your poison. Society is full of promises and cures–for the right price.

For those of you who can remember Paul Harvey – the man was a voice of reason. This episode is dedicated to the memory of this very memorable man, PAUL HARVEY. DrFaye Wilson, Missy Crutchfield and Susan Price bring their ‘A’ game, and we’re not talking about apocalypse here – we are talking about attitude.

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