Patriotism is at the heart of the MAGA movement and the major driving force behind the President’s Agenda of an “America first” philosophy. However, like most Trump agenda items, Patriotism is being challenged by the Left and Progressives as an affront to their philosophies. They paint Patriotism and Patriots in a negative light. 

Patriotism is about love of Country and expressing it in thoughts and actions. Having a voice against threats of censorship, is a highly patriotic element. Join Ray Brookstein in a very deep and spirited discussion, including an original Poem by RayRay, with two very special guests: Dean who is a world traveler; you know him on twitter as @whatxnextfolks, and JoJo, as you many know holds court on twitter, her twitter handle is @adjunctprofessr.

We’ll discuss things like: the definitions of Patriotism; Contrast Socialism and Patriotism; Discuss how Europeans view American Patriotism and how it has WorldWide influence, and how legal Immigration is truly Patriotic!

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