Subscribe to the podcast. The struggle of women in the Arab countries…especially countries that run according to Islam law is not a new development, it is a history of gender inequality and a lifelong struggle for countless women. Many women fall victims of the injustice-ness of the ruling class, and there is nothing one can do about it if they are Muslim, no matter if they are a”Moderate” or “Conservative” the modern word of extremist Muslims. These laws give power to men over women and consider women as a completing factor not as a an active factor in society.

The Injustices for women can be seen in many aspects of Society. Women are always mandated in terms of their behaviors, the way they should dress and even what they should study, if they are allowed to study at all that is! The message to free women all over the world should include the voiceless ones, and that is the Arab women who know nothing about freedom but its name.

The struggle to be considered for equal pay and equal rights and equality in pretty much everything is front and center in the episode today. Yet it seems that the arab countries fall behind, far behind in elevating the rights of women. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia just approved women the right to drive a car, in 2017 that is – shocking! Small baby steps, yes. But the long winding road continues….

One of the most powerful shows to date for LIFE LIBERTY as our Producer Tamara Al Bayati joins the broadcast for this special episode. There are two links to recent broadcasts where Malcolm had highlighted this unique story of Tamara on his daily show just below. Jennifer Breedon, Missy Crutchfield and Susan Price are an integral part of this story today – as we deliver the OUT LOUD TRUTH…


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