It’s true. Passion DOES take practice. If we’re not careful, if we don’t use it, we’ll lose it.

I’m not talking about the sweaty, thrusting, grunting kind of passion that fades to black in the movies.

I’m talking about everyday passion for LIFE.

Passion for your business. Passion for your hobbies and interest. Passion for your relationships. Passion for learning, growing, experiencing. Passion for the miracle of being alive in such an amazing time!

Yeah, sure, we have Covid and inequality and global warming and politics, but we’re also in a time where the potential and possibilities are endless.

Life beyond Facebook

We’re living in an age where we can learn new things at the touch of a button – no, really, the internet absolutely does have much more to offer than Facebook!

Try spending a few hours soaking up some TED talks instead of playing Candy Crush.

Try learning about other religions and spiritual beliefs, instead of being blinkered by the one you were raised with. You don’t need to change your own, but I’m sure there’d be a bit less dis-ease in the world if we all had a bit more compassion and understanding.

Books ‘v’ box

Try reading a book instead of constantly glueing your eyeballs to Netflix – you can get excellent reading material at the swipe of a button too.

Or, if you’re determined to stick with the tellybox, how about cleansing your brain with the odd documentary between episodes of your favourite bit of escapism? There are some excellent museum programmes, for instance. Treat it like taking a sip of water between wines at a tasting event.

Already an avid reader? How about some business/personal development books between those fictional romps?

Sure, enjoy the stories – I do – but treat your mindset to a bit of positive growth in between.

Brendon Burchard. Tony Robbins. Gary Vaynerchuk. Simon Sinek. Grant Cardone. Brené Brown. Seth Godin. Oprah Winfrey. Steve Chandler. Mel Robbins. And yes, Taz Thornton! There are so, so many choices beyond fiction and fantasy – and they all have a place.

Change your route map

If you can, how about going to places other than the bar, the mall and your favourite eateries?

When did you last get out into nature and actually soak it up? Trees. Beaches. Oceans. Meadows. Flowers. Skies. Wildlife. Mountains. Clean air. Breathe it in. Get some perspective.

Yet another wonder of these times is that we can be in areas of outstanding natural beauty whenever we choose, thanks to the capabilities of 21st Century transport.

All these things and more can help us to reawaken our passion.

Human spirit

It’s too easy to unwittingly dumb our lives down by never stretching ourselves. When we keep doing the same old, day in, day out, when we allow ourselves to live in a humdrum routine, we’re bound to dull our senses.

The human spirit needs adventure.

It needs excitement.

It needs to learn, to grow, to explore.

It needs to be able to find the magic in every moment… and that won’t happen on its own.

If we don’t want to live a boring life, if we want to live a life of colour instead of shades of grey and beige, we need to take control and actively work towards creating a life full of possibilities.

We need to find the miracles… and no, I’m not talking about going to church every Sunday and being preached at about miracles – I’m talking about actually experiencing the miracles that are there to be enjoyed every day.

The miracle of learning – the amazing way in which our mindset responds when we start to open up to new possibilities.

The miracle of oneness – when we get into the great outdoors and realise just how much we are connected to all things, and how much we all impact one another.

The miracle of nature – the wonder of how that mighty tree grew from a small seed, of how we evolved, of how the animals and birds can have such an amazing impact on the world around us. If you haven’t seen it yet, go find that amazing online mini documentary about how wolves change rivers. There’s so, so much for us to learn about the natural world.

The miracle of the human body – look at how much better we feel after exercise, how we can positively impact our mood and mindset and optimism when we get those endorphins flowing. If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is!

There’s so, so much for us to get excited about. For us to get passionate about.

And without that – without passion in our lives – what do we have?

We all have choice

See? Whatever you choose to do, however you choose to respond to this week’s column, recognise that you have a choice.

If your life feels dull and devoid of passion, what do you need to do to change that?

I promise you, the possibilities are endless and your potential to feel differently about your life is great, but YOU need to do it.

Pray all you like, but without positive action on your part, nobody’s gonna do it for you.

In fact, if you’re waiting for The Creator (whichever name and ideological identity you choose to apply) to make life better for you, it could be argued they’ve done their part; there’s a whole brilliant world and universe, full of amazing creatures, brilliant learnings and ideas different to your own to go and explore – all of which can expand your mind, your interest, your experience bank and your passion.

‘God’ has already built the gym for you… it’s up to you to do the sit ups!

Go on… get up off your backside and go build your passion for life. And if, for whatever reason, you can’t physically move about and do that, find other ways to learn, grow and explore – audio books, YouTube, magazines, e-learning, even expanding our senses with different textures, tastes and smells.

Be willing to consider new things.
Be willing to change your mind.
Be willing to learn.
Be willing to find your joy.

It’s all there, ready to explore, ready to help us awaken our passion for life.

It ain’t gonna happen without effort – and you might just enjoy it!

Until next time,