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Joe Biden’s move to the far Left is to show support for protests against brutal police treatment of Black Americans but do so without appearing to justify the needless destruction these rioters are bringing to our streets. The problem for Joe is, race is no longer the issue, it’s public safety, law and order. George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis while subdued by the foot of a police officer, provided the excuse for the hoards of organized Capitalist hating anarchists to hit the streets simultaneously in cities across the nation…

The President may employ this authority if the domestic violence “hinders the execution of the laws of that state, and of the U.S. authority within the state, that any part or class of its people is deprived of a right, privilege, immunity, or protection named in the Constitution.” Invoking the act unilaterally could have legal ramifications, and could well be met by legal challenges from state authorities who may not agree that they have been unable, failed, or refused to protect the rights and privileges of their residents…

Like Musk’s important space launch success last week, and his future plans for manned missions to Mars, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe truly sounds like science fiction. Yet it will contribute hugely to our understanding of the Sun and should be right up Musk’s alley. Like his outspoken, but well-founded public comments on the problems with the government’s response to COVID-19, we need Elon Musk to next attack the destruction of our economy based on hopelessly flawed climate models…

By |June 1st, 2020|

Nine years ago, the United States sent the last US astronauts into orbit. Former President Barack Obama had effectively killed the US space program (NASA),

Many of our political leaders and medical experts tell us that this has been done for our own good and consistently remark that they are “just following the science,” but this is far from the truth. Much of the over-intrusiveness into our lives and the draconian measures taken to suppress our God-given freedoms and personal liberties are not supported by science at all. I have actually observed people driving around by themselves in cars with masks on! Now, that is my definition of “scared.”