There are many opinions of where moral character comes from, not everyone believes our moral values tie into God. Last week I wrote about the dramatic decline in moral character in America. This week, let’s discover how we might recover from this decline.

Secular humanists believe we are capable of being ethical and moral without religion or God. This group of people are left with a continually adapting search for truth, primarily through science and philosophy. Others out there believe morals should be formed on the basis of science, logic, and reason. And should not be influenced by authority, tradition or other dogmas. On the other hand, most would agree that our environment has an enormous impact on our morals and belief of what is good and bad, what is right and wrong.

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If we look at two households as examples, each having a mother, father and two children. One household through environmental experience and tradition are Christians, each member having been taught the values of Christianity. Some of which are thou shall not kill, honor thy father and mother, remember the sabbath day, and other values such as being honest, not stealing, lying or cheating. Along with RESPECT for everyone.  

The other household through tradition does not believe in God and their moral values come from generations of environmental experience as well. Let’s assume that these parents lied to people frequently, including their children. They stole things in stores, even with their children present. The father went to jail for robbing a liquor store. Their children talked back to the parents with complete disrespect, without any repercussions. Suffice it to say, the first family is the one you’d rather come from or have as your next-door neighbor. Agree or disagree, it’s a fact that Christianity represents and teaches what is good in humanity. Depending on who you ask, the relationship between religion and morality has been around for as long as 4,000 years, with the ancient Egyptians.

Today there are approximately 240 million Christians in the United States, however this number has been declining since 1990, but still has America with the largest Christian population in the world.

As mentioned in my previous column, the belief in God began declining in the sixties. Further destruction of our moral values has come from the elimination of the blue laws. These laws were established during colonial days to enforce strict moral standards and allow families one day to worship God, the Sabbath. Judges over the years had upheld these laws as essential to social-being. Litigation began in the sixties and seventies to override blue laws, many brought forth by large retailers. Would you like to wager these companies were owned by liberal progressives? Companies who put their profits over family unity?

In the big picture, the gradual elimination of the blue laws, and in essence the elimination of a family day to worship God and gather with family and friends, is one of the most determining factors in the decline of our moral character. What coincides with this has been higher divorce rates and more single mothers raising children alone.

There are 240 million American Christians who I’m sure would concur that bringing God back into our society in a prominent way, would begin the return of higher moral standards in this country. Why is it that “majority rule” only apply in politics?

Why is it that if ninety percent of a town’s population wants a manger on the lawn of the town hall at Christmas time, does it need to be eliminated because of the ten percent who are offended? Answer, it shouldn’t, tough cookies.

The politically correct culture in this country needs to be eliminated. It’s similar to a parasitic plant that chokes the life out of other plants. The ACLU and the PC culture have devastated the moral values in this country, all for power and control. 

In order to find our way back, perhaps begin by organizing a conservative group of lawyers, naming it the ACVU, American Conservative Value Union.

As President Trump instills more and more conservative federal judges, and these types of cases are brought in front of moral minded judges, this politically correct precedent ends. When liberals push a case to the supreme court, it’s a dead end there for them.

Call your state legislative rep, call your congressman or congresswoman and share your feelings that you want God brought back into our society.

Elect conservative politicians and hold them accountable. For too long, conservatives have allowed the left leaning progressives to shove their PC culture down our throats. It’s time to fight back and take the gloves off. We nearly lost our country two years ago, if not for divine intervention.

Don’t think you can make a difference? Read my book and I assure you, you’ll feel differently. It’s time to take a stand America. Stop waiting for “someone else” to do it, or you’ll have a front row view of the perils of socialism.

Read pt 1: Our Nation’s Moral Character: Have We Lost Our Compass?