In 1945, America decisively won a major war against a fully industrialized, fully militarized, and fully committed to victory Japan, while at the same time fighting Nazi Germany. The victory in the Pacific was made even more impressive because the US was fighting Japan unassisted, while its bigger size and larger industrial base had been neutralized by its commitment to the European theater. Barely eight years later, America won a war against a newly instituted and impoverished North Korea, only to be fought back to a standstill by the direct intervention, on behalf of the North Koreans, by Communist China. The fact that America could stand its ground against Mao’s China, a country that put no limit on its casualties and was fully supported by the USSR, speaks volumes about America’s military and civilian preparedness and quality of leadership in the period immediately following the Second World War.

Two decades later, America was roundly defeated by the pre-industrial, impoverished North Vietnamese without any direct support on the battlefield from either the USSR or China, though both supported the Vietcong with military material, knowhow, and advisors in key roles.

The implications of the American defeat in Vietnam were severe and still reverberate through the world today, though they are rarely talked about.

While the South Vietnamese government was notably feckless and corrupt, we should not forget that so was the South Korean government at that time. There is every reason to believe that had the US managed to achieve in Vietnam the same result it had achieved in Korea, i.e. keep the status quo, South Vietnam would have become another South Korea, a highly modern, prosperous, and creative state, one that would have had much to offer to the world.

Geopolitically, the United States would have had one more ally in the highly strategic South China Sea and it could have retained a major military presence on the Indo-Chinese peninsula, a presence that would have done much to deter China’s military adventurism in that very region today. Had the battle been won, the massive expenditure of treasure and, far more importantly, American lives, would have been well-justified because it would have made the world a better and safer place for decades to come and to this very day. The shameful defeat dishonored those who fought and gave their all to their country and it plunged America into a severe crisis of self-confidence, the so-called “malaise”, to borrow a phrase from Jimmy Carter.

In and of itself, the election of the weak and in many ways un-American Carter to the presidency and the defeat of Gerald Ford, was also a direct result of the Vietnam rout. A defeated, tired, and confused country elected a mirror image of itself: a self-doubting, feckless leader, one who had faith in neither the American People, nor in America itself.

What happened in the two decades that passed between the honorable outcome of the Korean War in 1953 and the dishonorable rout at the hands of the North Vietnamese in 1973?

The answer is exceedingly easy to find; it has always been right there under our noses. The late Wisconsin senator Joseph McCarthy was certainly a very flawed messenger and his many flaws made him both ineffective and eventually counterproductive, but his “nose” had been impeccable. His sixth sense, one that told him that something was becoming quickly and irrevocably rotten in America, that America’s flagship institutions from Hollywood to the Army had been infiltrated and infected with the communist fungus, was right on the money. That is exactly what had happened. 

Hollywood, from its earliest beginnings had been an unabashed propaganda machine, albeit one with very high production quality. In the 1930’s, Hollywood helped battle the isolationist trends in America and its influence helped Roosevelt take America to war with Nazi Germany, a decision that has substantially saved the world, for a while anyway, not so much from the Nazis, who would have been defeated unassisted by the Soviets, but from the Soviets themselves. 

Unfortunately, the glorious American victories in both theaters of operations in WWII and the subsequent economic boom in America, made Hollywood wish that America had not been quite so successful. Many members of the American elites wanted nothing to do with a unipolar world in which a staunchly Constitutionalist, capitalist America was the sole arbitror. Their sympathies lay across the ocean, in Moscow and in Beijing. So they turned the bright spotlight of their propaganda from patriotism to self-doubt. Rather than light the way to more American success, they led the way to America’s decline. 

Starting as early as the mid-1950s, Hollywood began highlighting, light-heartedly at first, America’s few flaws rather than its multitude of advantages. McCarthy, of course, was right. Hollywood was indeed infested with hardline communists at every level, from studio bosses to cameramen. These communists pioneered the so-called Civil Rights movement, a movement whose inevitable outcome had always been nothing less than the destruction of the American Republic, a destruction that is now coming to its fruition. Hollywood led the way in making Americans lose their religion and their sense of community. It pioneered the destruction of the American family, primarily within the African American community. By taking Jesus away from African Americans and by supporting JFK’s and LBJ’s “civil rights” and “war on poverty” initiatives, Hollywood destroyed the African American family and with it any chances that the African American community can ever know a degree of success in the country they had helped build. 

Throughout the “flower revolution” of the late 1960’s, Hollywood gave its seal of approval to every self-destructive behavior, from drug abuse to sexual deviance. For the first time in American history, patriotism had become a dirty word and internal disputes did not stop at the water’s edge.

For the first time, heroes who gave their lives for their country or those who had managed to return both physically and mentally scarred, received jeers rather than cheers from those whose freedom they were committed to protect.

Alas, Hollywood had been successful beyond its wildest dreams. The country that was defeated in 1973 had nothing in common with the country that was victorious in 1953. It had none of its grit, its patriotism, and its commonality of purpose, but all of its vises amplified to the n-th degree. 

But wait, there is more, so much more. Never ones to know where to stop, the anti-American crew that ran Hollywood, never rested on its laurels. From the subtle nudges of the 1950s and 1960s, through the pseudo-intellectual ennui of 1970s Woody Allen movies, the Hollywood of the 1980s had been reborn as a direct propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. 

There is an ethos that is ingrained in the Israeli Defense Forces that can be translated as “pressing your success”. From the individual warrior to entire battalions, when things go unexpectedly well, keep going, this doctrine commands. Press your luck. Hollywood embodies this doctrine in spades. Their unprecedented success in turning America from a God-fearing, patriotic, deeply individualistic, and substantially united country into a hodgepodge of godless, sexually deviant, drug-addicted, self-hating malcontents, would put Goebbels to shame. 

The real America has been putting up a sporadic fight, first with the election of Ronald Reagan and now with the election and hopefully reelection of Donald Trump, but nobody should mistake the trend.

As Bernie Sanders has just recently said, quite correctly, they have already won because progressive ideas that would have been laughably ridiculous only a few short years ago are now part of the established dogma, a dogma that is enforced by the full weight of America’s establishment.

The grip that Hollywood and its neo-technological metastases have on the American public had never been any stronger than it is today. Its commitment to the destruction of America had never been more powerful. We all know what the result of any election would be had only those under thirty been permitted to vote. Hoping that these video-game addicted, gender-fluid, sexual-deviancy adoring, government assistance receiving cubicle dwellers will somehow miraculously develop into patriotic, God-fearing, Constitution-supporting, America-loving rugged individualists is nothing but an exercise in wishful thinking. This will simply never happen. 

America has died and now must be and will be reborn. The fight that fell upon the shoulders of the generations currently living is not for the restoration of the America that won two world wars. That is an impossible task. Our fight today is for the America that will rise from the ashes. Can at least some of it yet be rebuilt as the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave? Time will tell.