What a word is this! The authority and power we have in the Name of Jesus is mind baffling! Jesus made a way for us to access Heaven right here on Earth. His very presence changed the culture and our genetics.

The prayer of Jesus in John 17; is clear that we are not in this alone. God has made us one with Him through Jesus. Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word; 21 That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. 22 And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one: (John 17:20-22)

“In Christ’s family there can be no division into Jew and non-Jew, slave and free, male and female. Among us you are all equal. That is, we are all in a common relationship with Jesus Christ. Also, since you are Christ’s family, then you are Abraham’s famous “descendant,” heirs according to the covenant promises.” (Galatians 3:28-29)

The search for ancestry is a multi-million-dollar industry yet that search can only lead to God. When we discover the power of being a child of God, we will then discover who we are, and why we are here on this earth. Just as in the natural we resemble are parents or grandparents, so it is in the Spirit, we are the image of God. This image is what the world awaits.

We are now in the season when the entire planet is bursting with energy to say, “Bring on those sons of God!” As Born-Again Believers, we are ready to align ourselves with His Word, His Mission and Plan for our lives. There is no stopping this massive movement of Kingdom People!

Author DrFaye Wilson

We are here to kneel and say yes, to the calling and purpose of the one who sent us here. That which is flesh is flesh. That which is spirit is spirit. We are made in God’s image, after His likeness and after His kind. We are our Father’s children. We are our Father’s DNA and we have been Switched at New-Birth.

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