I think we can all agree that people learn from people. In fact most living creatures on earth take lessons in life from other creatures. Parents and elders teach the young how to hunt, how to seek shelter, who is friend and who is foe. People are the same. Children learn from their parents how to behave. A child brought up in a loving functional and safe environment with rules and values tends to live the same way. A child from a dysfunctional family, or an abusive family, or a family of crime or alcoholism or drug dependency, tends to live the same way. Of course there are exceptions, and there are those who defy the norm and choose the opposite end of the life culture they were raised in. That is free will, and we all are blessed with it.

Human beings seek others to admire, to respect to emulate in life, to learn from and to see how they should behave themselves. If the adult is calm, the child will be calm. If the adult is hysterical, so will the child be. If the adult is rational, thoughtful and respectful of others, chances are, the child will emulate that behavior.

When we as Americans are as divided as we are currently, and when there is the vitriol and the disrespect and anxiety and anger Americans are now experiencing, we need to look at the reasons to find the solutions.

When America goes to the polls to vote for their leaders to do the work of the people, they hope to choose the kind of leader who they admire and who they believe will have their backs and make the policies and laws to benefit society. When those elected officials in local, state or federal positions are in the mindset of hysteria, dysfunction, self-importance, power and greed and spend their time fighting with and disrespecting their colleagues, so goes the nation.

People emulate people. If the Congress and the Senate hate each other and the President, so do the people. If they use their words to slice and harm others, so do the people. If they use their positions to cause fear, loathing, distrust and civil unrest, we follow like lemmings. If they hand us guilt that we are a Capitalist society rather than a socialist society, we feel guilty. If they tell us that borders and protecting our America from intruders, terrorism, drugs and child trafficking is selfish and wrong, we head down the garden path. If they tell us they need more money from us, less healthcare, and want to regulate our lives for some manufactured reason, we think they must be right. If they call everybody racists, misogynists, homophobes and every other evil label, the media and the country spew the same vitriol. We have learned to look up to our leaders as a child looks up to his parent, good or bad.

As our leaders behave badly, so goes the country. The thing we need to know is, they know it. It is purposeful and shameful and dangerous.

A country divided is ever so much easier to conquer than a country united.

Our enemies are within and keeping the flames lit day after day, week after week, year after year, until we break. A country divided leaves little to fight for and opens the door to those who would seek to destroy us and leave us with an elite ruling class, and a class of slaves to those elite.

Think about the alternative. If our congress and senate did their jobs on behalf of Americans in a way that was respectful to each other, respectful of the President, using conversation, negotiation and common sense, there would be no demonstrations, no divisiveness, no hate speech, and far less anxiety within our people and our country. Commonsense could prevail. United we would stand.

If we are united, those in power will have less power, and power is what they want. If we stand together we can hold off those who seek to destroy the American way. Be afraid of those who spend their time trying to grab more power as in the democratic bill H.R.1, a blatant power grab, or those who continue to call for unending investigations, impeachment and foment hatred and anger and unrest. Stand against those who will not protect our borders. Understand that we are being purposefully manipulated for nefarious and self-serving reasons by those who want to undermine our America for their own benefit, both internally and externally. Know our leftist media is wholly complicit.

We are the dysfunctional children of our extremely dysfunctional politician parents. They are lost, but we have free will and the ability to stop the madness causing chaos in our home, the United States of America. Step away from them, truly know who you are voting for, then vote them and their ilk out and refuse to participate in your own demise. Americans know we are the best country on earth, and we cannot let the AOC’s and the Tlaib’s and the Omar’s make us believe differently for their own sick agendas. Hitler made the Germans believe that their neighbors and friends were the enemy and they willingly led those friends to their deaths.

Our politicians are making us believe we are bad, America is bad, Capitalism is bad, and we must reject that and reject them.

We are more alike than different. We must come together and reject the insanity and chaos caused by our political parents, and remove those that are fomenting radical change and dividing us. It is time to stand up, put on the big boy/girl pants and stand with each other and our shining city on the hill, America.

We are the good guys and I passionately reject the propaganda our abusive and manipulative and dysfunctional political parents are feeding us. Believe in yourself and what you know is right. Throw off the mantle worn by those abused that is put there by the abuser to keep you down and keep you doubting yourself and keeping you a victim rather than a victor.

It’s lies and we Americans know it in our heart of hearts. Take the power back for America before our power addicted parents cause our demise as a country.

God bless America and the free will He gave us to protect it.

It’s time America. Stand tall.