Orchestrated Opposition 2

While I’m no believer in such things as the ‘Deep State’ conspiracy theories, I do believe that there has been a series of carefully orchestrated events which were all directed at the illegal electronic surveillance and collection, or ‘wiretapping,’ of key personnel in the Trump Administration or Transition Team. This was all directed with the aim to disrupt, damage, and discredit certain individuals specifically and the incoming administration in general. Deliberate steps were taken by the Obama administration to exponentially increase those with access to sensitive classified information ensuring maximum opportunity for deliberate leaks from rogue operators within the administration, Obama holdovers, and ‘Never Trumpers’ from either political party.

Retired Army Green Beret Colonel Jamie Williamson and retired Air Force Special Operations and Intelligence Officer Colonel Jim Waurishuk discuss some specifics of these events and processes which have led to deliberate leaking of highly classified information and the illegal ‘unmasking’ of US citizens who may, in fact, have been the true targets of electronic eavesdropping under the legal premise of collecting against foreign nationals on the opposite end of the targeted conversations. This constitutes a blatant abuse of power that should be deeply disturbing to any American citizen regardless of political party.

For Further Insight:
Visit Jim’s expert site on America Out Loud at:  https://americaoutloud.com/expert/waurishuk/ and his article:  https://americaoutloud.com/obama-administrations-unmasking-americans-leaking-intelligence-information-fact-acts-political-warfare-impetus-f/

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