Dear Judge Kavanaugh – 

There is no precedence for the unseemly performance by so many United States Senators at your confirmation hearing. Their need to go all the way back to your youth to make allegations, however false, against you, was evidence enough that there was nothing in your adult life and professional career that they could even attempt to attack. And there is no doubt in my mind that under a similar microscopic inspection of their respective teenage years, not one of them would have passed muster. 

There are barely words to describe the dismay that I feel as I see our democratic process systematically and purposefully deconstructed before my eyes at the expense of a good man and his family. The viciousness and cynicism of your attackers have breached every measure of fairness and decency. Your confirmation hearing was a travesty that was unworthy of the U.S. Senate, and our Advice and Consent process.

The freedoms that are guaranteed to us by our Constitution should never be so abused that they can destroy the reputation of good people and trivialize the responsibility we have to uphold these freedoms with honor and respect. 

I am ashamed of those so-called leaders of our nation who would so misuse the power to which they are entrusted, and would so abuse a man who has contributed as much to this nation as you have.  

The depths to which the questioning at your hearing fell was a disgrace that shamed our Constitution, and the system of Advice and Consent that it authorizes. On the other hand, your own courage in confronting the coordinated attacks on you by one half of the Committee, based on uncorroborated testimony and the imperfect memories of a single witness, was an example to the rest of us of what a true hero looks like. Your outstanding record as a man who has brought honor and integrity to the bench should be an inspiration to us all. 

The mud that has been thrown at you and your family as a consequence of the smear campaign you have had to endure will no doubt leave a lasting mark on you all for a very long time. It will also go down in the history books as a foul stain on America’s good name and the government that has been so dishonored. 

But your opening statement to the Committee and your patient responses to the endless and outrageous questions by the left, is testimony enough for those of us who recognize your courage, honesty, and integrity, and your determination not to be damned by those who demonstrated neither honesty nor integrity.  

When the vote is taken later this week, it will be a testimony to either the failure of our system to protect good people against the misuse of power, or to the brilliant wisdom of our founding fathers who created a system that could correct itself in the face of those who want to change and destroy it. 

In either case, please know that Americans like myself – and I know there are many of us – admire and support you, and wish you well in whatever you do next. Your strength in the face of such meanness and inexcusable cruelty will stand as a beacon for your fellow Americans to take as an example of what this nation should be, and an inspiration for us to keep working to make it so. 

With heartfelt gratitude for standing up for the principled American dream.

With all respect and thanks, 

Ilana Freedman

Ilana Freedman is a veteran intelligence analyst and advisor in intelligence-led counter-terrorism solutions. Trained in Israel, where she lived and worked for sixteen years, she returned to the U.S., and served as CEO of Gerard Group International in Massachusetts until 2009. Since then, Ilana has been an independent consultant, working with major corporations and government agencies on security issues. Her global network of specialists and field assets provides an ongoing resource of critical, real-time intelligence and domain expertise. Ilana is the author of many articles on the terrorist threat to America and the West, and four books on Islamic terrorism.