The One Overlooked Reason Why Families Can’t Get Along

Some people put their children on medication because they think they are too emotional – when the problem might be a clash of personalities – a strong dominant person clashing with a sensitive person. Could this be the problem between you and your child, your mate or your boss?

On today’s show Jessica Zavala talks about the different zodiac signs and the elements that go with them and how they interact with each other. She gives day to day examples of how different astrology signs work together in business relationships as well as in the family dynamic. Jessica is my regular monthly guest and is an intuitive, life coach and the author of “Luv Is” the first of a series of 5 books on love.

This can help make parenting a pleasure instead of a burden – when you know what type of child you are dealing with according to his or her astrology sign and their birth chart. The birth chart goes into more detail about the person’s personality and helps to explain what makes us who we are.

Interestingly Jessica will go over my own personal birth chart as an example for you, (which she says is a very unusual chart). She goes onto explain how – although she is a Leo, a fire sign, she has more earth and water elements than anything else. This explains why she is a more laid back Leo compared to most Leo’s as earth and water are more laid back elements.

Get ready to be intrigued as this is an interesting subject that can be most useful in a number of circumstances and with a number of different kinds of relationships.

Jessica Zavala joins me for a most interesting conversation that will provide you with a roadmap or thought process – if you will on the signs to look for in your own life. I’m thrilled to announce that Jessica is going to be a regular on THE MISDIAGNOSED LIFE. She will join me the first Tuesday of every month as we discuss many different topics on spirituality and ways to bring value to your own life.

Jessica is an intuitive and life coach and also the author of “Luv Is” the first of a series of five books on love. She tells of her awakening and how she totally changed how she lived her life. She went from a being a strict Christian in an unloving environment to a very spiritual person with a strong connection to Spirit living every day with a positive attitude and a loving heart towards everyone. A big change that she wants to help others make and enjoy if they are ready and willing.

You can go from feeling like you’re living in a prison to total freedom and happiness if you are ready. This show will help you get there.

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