We finally did it! One down and many to go. We actually FIRED a federal employee. It’s a banner day for American citizens. Seriously, this should be an everyday occurrence.  Andrew McCabe deserved to be fired and it should have happened long ago. There are many more like him, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page for starters, that need to be fired yesterday. Someone back in the day thought it brilliant to have these unions protect government workers, state and federal, to the detriment of taxpayers, ethics, fairness and efficiency. This needs to change and the government workers can no longer be protected from being fired, like each of us in the private sector. In the private sector, we either perform or we are out.

Peter Strzok and Lisa violated their job requirements, their oaths, and their ethics, yet they remain employed. This would not happen in private businesses. The disservice that this type of policy does to America is huge. We carry so much dead weight on our backs in the way of teachers and federal and state employees who do not carry their weight, who violate rules, who are lazy or unethical or unlawful. This is crazy. Most of these people are good people. But we have teachers sitting in makeshift homerooms all day after committing some act that prevents them from being in the classroom, but they cannot be fired, so we just pay them to show up and do nothing. There are jokes about government mentality for good reason, they become complacent and listless and have no enthusiasm or self-initiation, or care because it does not pay them to do any more or less than if they just show up and do the minimum required. They cannot get fired, so there is no motivation to be better. I am sure that all of us experience the frustration of calling any government office to get anything done, from DMV to tax boards, to licensing boards, and the list goes on. For me, I am in meltdown after trying to get anything accomplished.

These unions are so powerful and do so much damage to the forward movement and efficiency that our various schools and government offices could and should have, it is just wrong. Everyone who holds a job must be held accountable to do that job. All employees should be motivated to keep learning and keep getting better. They should serve the public that pays them as a private business would serve the customers that pay them. These people get their paycheck no matter what and no one can get rid of them, so what is the motivation? It’s like a society of robots and not innovative thinkers and people who make better systems and better services. The want complacency and mediocrity, it pays the same and it’s not as hard.

The thing is, it is also boring, and lazy and dangerous. Complacency is not what America was built on. Where is the motivation for a teacher to continue to inspire children year after year? Where is the reward in being the best customer service person in DMV? Where is the motivation for people in the FBI to keep their oaths and not go rogue and engage in political mischief? Where is the fear of doing something wrong that would cause you to lose your job?

We need to run the education department, the state and federal government offices like we run corporations. Those who excel should be paid more and move up the ladder, and those who fail should be fired. We have created a mediocre system in both education and government and the politicians and unions are to blame. Everyone forgets that we are not here to serve at their convenience, they are here to serve at ours. Make it worth it for the good ones, and get rid of the bad ones. Having a job guarantee is no one’s right, it is earned and needs to be re-earned every day.

We should all be insulted to have to pay for these teachers in these “homerooms” to show up and do nothing. We should be incensed that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page violated our trust and their employment conditions and still are on our payroll. We should not have to accept mediocre services from government employees because they know they can’t be fired no matter how inefficient, surly and lazy they are. Let’s give teachers and government workers the gift of being rewarded for being the best they can be, and a second gift of ridding them of having to work with the worst of them who could not be fired because of some union agreement.

This is just throwing our hard earned taxpayer money away; money from those of us who CAN be fired for cause, going to those who CAN’T be fired no matter the cause. We can be better than this, and when people are given the right motivations, both positive and negative, the cream will rise to the top and we will have better schools, better government, better and happier people that are serving and that are being served.

Get the rotten apples out of the barrels so the rest can survive and lose that government mentality. No one deserves a job for life no matter what. I want to see enthusiasm, accomplishment, motivation, new ideas and excitement, not feel like I am bothering their nap when I need something, not worry about their political motivations. We all should be doing our best at whatever our job is, public or private sectors, not just doing time and collecting a paycheck. Life offers too much to live it that way. I want to see these rules changed. Do your job, or be fired for everyone!