The number of recent articles, blog posts, tweet-storms, and one-on-one conversations that have commiserated about the cultural demise of the US over the past 50+ years is mind-numbing! Woe is us! How did things deteriorate to the point wherein Antifa protesters are left to their own devices by law enforcement in places like Portland to commit violent acts against individuals and private property, not to mention threaten public safety in general?

Antifa and the BLM crowd are merely symptoms of the problem. The real root cause is cultural rot that we’ve allowed to happen in the US over the yrs. The Marxist-founded ACLU accelerated the destruction of our cultural institutions from its origin in the 1930s to the present. The Left (manifested by the Democrat Party) have effectively removed God from the public square and created the modern secular state with the following clichéd characteristics:

  • Anything goes.
  • Everything is relative.
  • Diversity over assimilation.
  • Rule of men replaces rule of law.
  • Screw the Constitution.

The results are the symptoms of a sick society that we observe every single day; here a just a few of them:

  • Arbitrary law enforcement in service of the political class (hello, Jeffrey Epstein!)
  • Open borders and the attendant crime and disease (thanks, Democrats!)
  • Legacy media gone bonkers (anti-Trump fake news 24×7)
  • A thoroughly corrupted political class (two sides of the same coin)
  • Hollywood producing filth (what does “R” mean anymore?)
  • Perversion and immorality condoned (flagrant public LGBTQ demonstrations)
  • Federal agencies weaponized against political enemies (the IRS, FBI, DoJ, EPA, etc.)
  • Abrogation of oaths of office (the Obama regime’s seditious cabal at DoJ, FBI, State Dept, CIA, etc.)
  • Hyper-politicized public education (John Dewey’s dream brought to life by Common Core)
  • Hyper-politicized sports (think about soccer and the USWNT!)
  • (Your favorite symptom goes here)

These are just symptoms of the problem; what are the root causes for all of this? Hold on to your hats because this article is going to get nasty. Recently, a pen pal provided some explanations for our cultural rot that were so spot on that they literally gave me goose bumps. That stimulated me to add my own thoughts such that the real root causes for our continuing cultural demise are pretty well identified. The truth of this will be painful for some to digest.

I learned from a wise mentor long ago that emotion works for women as they are designed to be empowered by it, and their brains can handle it better than men. Over the last 60 years, feminism has turned the country into a woman’s world, and emotion is now the driver, not rationality. It almost took over the military until Trump stepped in with Mattis who gave the military a gut-check. In short, the Western political world has become feminized by the Left in such a manner as to take on most of the negative effects of women’s emotional nature without any of the benefits, namely community building, child and family raising, etc. German PM Merkel’s tragic mistake with refugees is the clearest destructive action on these lines. A woman’s big Christian Democrat heart combined with a mercenary interest in unlimited labor for the GDR economy equals disaster for Western civilization!

When a man gets emotional, he loses much of his power as a functioning man, which is largely a rational, left brain approach to life. Men are designed by God as action figures, not metrosexuals as the femi-nazis would have them be. We know from 90 years of Myers Briggs psychological profiles that roughly 33% of women are more like men in how they operate, and 33% of men are more like women. The former gravitate to action careers like business, the military, etc.; the latter toward the arts, coaching, teaching, the priesthood, etc. It has been this way for millennia. Men in performance mode just don’t trust emotional men. This defines the military to a tee where such a man (or woman) could endanger a team with indecision caused by emotions.

The geek crowd in the West appear to be highly feminized politically, which makes sense as geeks never have attracted women well (except in those caricatured “Revenge of the Nerd” movies). Being “pro woman” in politics would help them attract women and be popular. Ironically, their “bro culture” is hyper-masculine, as men tend to bond thru team action not relationships. That’s why the military has such a pull for men – team action fulfills their inherent destiny as a man.

Thus, men inevitably exclude women in their bonded groups, as the men don’t like the relational context women bring to high performance teams. That’s why we are seeing the geek world exposed as “male chauvinist pigs” with lefty values. Men naturally exclude women from any goal-directed high-performance group, as women bring a situational relational context that interferes in men’s preference for straight line serial action. This is a true cliché: men are risk oriented; women are risk avoidance. That balance historically has kept communities alive.

Since men will do almost anything for sex, they will morph into whatever women want them to be so that they can attract women. Man bun? Fine! Vegan? Fine! Save the planet? Fine! Body piercings and tattoos? Fine! Etc. Sex is king for men; call it the “biological procreation imperative” at work! Without the boundaries put on men by religion, family values and civil society, they truly would rape anything that has teats.

Think back on all the stories of Muslim rapes of elderly women in France and other parts of Western and Northern Europe over the past few years. Muslims in western societies have no such constraints as by definition in their culture; western women are open game. Most men are unconsciously and mindlessly driven by sex. It truly affects their nature and relationships. It’s physical. Men actually need sex to function well. Not so women, which explains their drop off in sexual interest after marriage and children.

Harvey Weinstein and the MeToo tragedy of lefty men in power does not surprise me even in the slightest. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! Power, money and sex are inextricably entwined.

Powerful men always demand sex, and most women have been willing to give it up for survival or advancement. Rape me but not my daughter is the cry of helpless women overrun in battle over the centuries. I wonder what those poor girls molested by Jeffrey Epstein and his friends were thinking.

What about child molesters and pedophiles in our schools, etc.? Sure! Where else would you go to get your regular sex if you were a sexual deviant? Homosexuals teaching school to boys? Makes inevitable sense to me! Nature not nurture rules. We’ve let the wolves in. Why do powerful Muslim men have harems? To have the variety they want without destroying the institution of marriage. Same with some Mormons (a dirty little secret). Same with communes and cults over the past 50+ years.

When allowed, men will design a family structure to allow them to have sexual variety. Been that way with powerful men since beginning of time. What is sexual fulfillment for men? Variety! Men die on their deathbed looking at their nurse’s ass. It’s in the DNA. Women don’t get it as they are not programmed this way. Thus, they think men checking them out is sexism when in fact it is in fact “DNA-ism.” Ironically, women need the attention of men to procreate, so they are helplessly addicted to looking good to men and competing with other women to get men. It’s a paradox that infects all society. We are blind to its discussion but controlled by it nonetheless. And men also need the approval of women to function at a high level of performance. They desire unconditional love from a woman.

Many psychiatrists believe it is based upon the need for a mother’s love. They need the emotional support a good woman’s love and acceptance gives them, as well a family they create to fight for. Without it they drift aimlessly. [I worry about all those unmarried Chinese men!] “Behind every successful man stands a good woman” is not a cliché but a truism.

Now that sex is virtually free (thanks to abortion on demand) and available for young men in Western societies, they have less interest in marriage since the benefit, namely giving up sexual variety for long term regular sex and family, is no longer a life benefit. [Note: The law of unintended consequences strikes the feminists squarely in the butt! They’ve liberated themselves from men and children. Some of the older ones swallowed that bitter pill and are remorseful; others remain unrepentant.]

Why? Because women are financially independent for the first time in human history and also naturally use sex to control men after marriage, thus denying him the very benefit he married for. And the family court and legal system is controlled in favor of the woman. The cost of marriage has become too high. Plus, unlimited free porn on the web ensures a man needed sexual fulfillment any time of the day or night to allow him to function without women. Human trafficking filled the gap for the affluent although that worm may have finally turned with the ongoing arrests and prosecutions that periodically make news! And since women no longer value their role as “supporters of men” but rather are on a constant treadmill for more rights for them as opposed to their men, why marry? Thus, the surge in divorce and unmarried mothers since LBJ ruined the poor with the kindness of government welfare support. His political goal has been achieved of a never-ending treadmill to support a 50 million and growing unemployable population with good intentions and capturing the black vote for eternity. This is the taproot of modern identity politics practiced by the Democrat Party.

The Trump counter-revolution is most basically that of traditional family values and culture versus the new feminized Left combined with a revolt against being screwed economically by free trade and desertion of the worker class by government and the Democrat Party. The welfare state is often called a Mommy State for a good reason. It is. It’s the caring nature of women trying to help everyone without the left-brain male calculation of the risks and costs. Free shit for all, help the immigrants because they are real people in need, etc. etc.

Way back when, in the first episode of that briefly-run Roseanne show (before the PC crowd got her), there was a wonderful exchange between Roseanne and her sister, a lefty who became a life coach but was a former police officer. In this exchange, Roseanne and her sister were arguing politics, and Roseanne said: “And you are the type of person who thinks everyone should get free health care because you can’t do simple math!” How true is that simple statement.

Liberals cannot and will not do simple math because they have become dominated by the emotional approach to life that women introduced into their value system. In order to ensure the female vote, they have swung progressively more to the left to garner it. Socialism is a wishful political philosophy that destroys people’s willingness to sacrifice and work that becomes controlled by government officials who eventually destroy the economy trying to fulfill its hoped-for promises.

The feminist movement was born of Marxism; indeed, it is CULTURAL Marxism. And, by the way, the Green New Deal is the latest concoction of Marxist attempts to destroy capitalism! It’s about economic control; period! Public education and Academia in general have failed us all.

Historically, socialism was an ideology birthed by Marx and Engels with good intentions to help the poor. Today, it is an emotional response and political ideology to ensure the votes of many females, LGBTQ folks, and minorities it promises to benefit through Identity Politics. It’s a venal attempt by Democrats to maintain power that has been reinforced over the decades by the public school system.

Losing power in 2016 to Trump and the GOP fundamentally threatened the Left’s plans to run government for the next millennium. What we are seeing now in the legacy media, the “Resist” movement, the virulent Never Trump crowd, and the Democrat presidential candidates is the ultimate fight to the death to get power back and preserve it in the Deep State and Democrat Party. And as we have seen, the Left are prepared to go to great lengths to restore their power, including perpetrating the greatest political hoaxes in American history on a sitting US president. It’s going to remain the political battle of our future, possibly forever – maybe even leading to a civil war. Which is why the Left/Democrats MUST be defeated in the voting booth in 2020 and every subsequent election if the Republic is to be preserved, friends! And we need to discard the evils and cancer of feminism before it’s too late for the Republic.

The end.