All major civilizations throughout mankind’s history have risen and eventually fallen. All of them. There were many reasons: external wars, domestic crises, famine, plagues, and ideological conflicts. What may lead to the ultimate demise of the United States of America? Can the country’s future demise be prevented with fore-knowledge and action? This is the first of a three-part series that will examine the three main existential struggles ongoing in the Age of Trump. This part will explore the ongoing battle between Globalism vs. Nationalism.

Let us start with the definition of “existential struggle.” The word “existential” has to do with Man’s existence in humanistic terms as relates to the key values of freedom and authenticity. Mankind has been plagued by the tyranny of most governments since The Fall of Adam. Down through history, the power-mad have always sought their panacea of arbitrary rule over their fellow men – to be able to direct others toward whatever their goals were (conquest, revenge, religious imperatives, whatever).

One could say that struggle (and indeed, war) is an inherent trait of human nature. Today’s struggles for existence have become as much ideological and economic in nature as they are armed conflicts. In fact, the last truly significant armed conflict involving many nations and significant loss of life was the Korean War. Open warfare is but one political tool used by the wealthy and the powerful to achieve their ends.

Other tools used over the centuries include political ideologies (e.g., socialism in all its grisly forms), religion (e.g., radical Islam), terrorism (in all its manifestations), multi-national corporations, multi-national institutions (e.g., the United Nations and the European Union), and government policies aimed at shaping human affairs in order to achieve control (e.g., “free” trade and open borders).

The subject of this article is the existential struggle between globalism and nationalism. Globalism has been in vogue since the end of WW-II when the US emerged as the world’s superpower and the UN was created. The objectives of globalism, as divined by the political elite at that time, were thought to be benign and for the good of mankind:

  • To shape the post-war world into a global capitalist order centered on the US
  • To rebuild the shattered economies of Europe, and to a lesser extent, east Asia and Japan
  • To control rogue nations through collective institutions (the UN, the WTO, World Bank, etc.) that could exert some degree of economic and political influence and thereby prevent future wide-scale wars.


These seem altruistic, right? The problem is that these objectives reflect altruism without regard to human nature. One could argue that the US political elite in the 1940s lost sight of the constraints on tyranny that the Founders placed in the US Constitution, as well as the admonitions of the Founders to “beware of foreign entanglements.” We should reflect on George Washington’s farewell address again, especially his recommendation to end all foreign alliances, and then put it in the context of today’s events. He was spot on about this – which of course is heresy to the current US foreign policy establishment which has pushed the US into virtually endless foreign interventions and wars since the Vietnam era.

The Constitution was written to balance the powers of an American central government while protecting the rights and freedoms of its people. The Founders well understood tyranny, as they had just won a war against King George III. But the Constitution does not extend to other countries in the world who operate under different – and more tyrannical – political systems with different national imperatives. The expectation that collective institutions like the UN would follow altruistic US leadership and not be corrupted by other nations over time has proven to be incorrect – to the detriment of the US, in particular.

A particular strain of globalism has evolved in which the view is that the US military and economic superpower must be effectively destroyed in order to achieve the next stage of human development – a centrally-directed global government evolved from the UN and EU. The American Left has embraced this form of globalism because it dovetails with their lust for authoritarian political control over their fellow Americans – and whose evil desires are elucidated by their actions, wittingly or unwittingly, with each passing month as they call for socialism.

The Democrat Party – the party of “big government” – has become the party of outright socialism, and their violent authoritarian arm Antifa is used to suppress opposing political speech in academia and on the streets. Right in line with the globalists’ objectives. The deleterious effects of the policies of the Democrat Party (i.e., high taxes, massive regulations on private enterprise, crony capitalism, open borders, free trade, nationalized healthcare, weakened military readiness, foreign entanglements everywhere, furthering the sexual/cultural revolution, continued secularization of America’s institutions, identity politics, increasing controls of public education, etc.) were witnessed first-hand during the eight horrible years of the Obama regime:

  • Less than 3% GDP annualized (an historic low)
  • Sky-rocketing health insurance costs due to Obamacare
  • A major reduction in military readiness
  • Promotion of chaos in the Middle East via the faux “Arab Spring”
  • A massive influx of illegal aliens, with the attendant crime and diseases not seen in America for decades
  • The pitting of Americans against each other for political gain
  • The selective enforcement of federal laws and willfully ignoring the Constitution
  • Corruption on a massive scale, including the use of federal agencies against political enemies


These Democrat/Uniparty policies facilitated globalist goals by weakening the world’s only superpower and massively increasing the power of the federal government over the people. At the same time, they strengthened the economies of rivals like China. Free trade in particular has been detrimental to US domestic manufacturing interests. When combined with high taxes and overregulation, the offshoring of US manufacturing to China and the maquiladoras in Mexico helped create the Rust Belt in the Midwest.

These policies were and are contrary to the Founders’ vision and intentions for the country, as enshrined in the Constitution and discussed in The Federalist Papers and other contemporary writings, and are indeed against human nature, that is, the persistent yearning of mankind down through the ages for personal and economic freedoms.

Enter Donald J. Trump, builder and business magnate with a well-cultivated reputation as a reality TV star, and with a brand name known to virtually every American alive. While his political enemies foolishly call him a dunce and a buffoon, in reality he is perhaps the ultimate American patriot. His obvious love for the country and its people was nowhere more obvious than at his massive political rallies during the 2016 campaign, this year’s State of the Union Address, and most recently during his electric two-hour speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on 2 March in Washington, DC.

Make America Great Again is much, much more than just a political slogan. It is aimed at a restoration of American nationalism across the full spectrum of policies: lower taxes, increased domestic business investment, improved military readiness, selective use of tariffs to reset trade balances with China, Mexico, Canada, and the EU; removal of barriers to domestic oil and gas production; closing the border; restoration of the rule of law (including going after human traffickers and MS-13 gang-bangers);

and a return to American leadership on the world stage that has been sadly absent during the Obama regime (e.g., moving the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a virtual tripartite pact with Saudi Arabia and Israel to roll up Iran in the Middle East, a strengthening of European financial commitments to NATO, near destruction of ISIS, movement toward denuclearization of the DPRK, movement toward resolution of the Syrian civil war, confrontation of Chinese overreach in the South China Sea, much improved ties with India and <your favorite ally goes here>); and a restoration of the US Constitution to its appropriate prominence once again through the appointment of some GREAT judges to the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary.

In essence, President Trump, his policies, and his administration are the living embodiment of US nationalism on the rise, and normal Americans are loving it! Record low employment numbers especially among women and minorities, an increase in new black-owned business starts, and the return of manufacturing jobs to the US that Obama assured us could never happen!

All of this flies in the face of the globalists who seek a diminishment of US economic and military power and essentially a return to the multi-polar world of the late 19th century, which resulted in two world wars, the deaths of hundreds of millions of people, and the devastation of dozens of national economies in the 20th century.

The president is absolutely right to reverse the trend toward globalism! As president and under a solemn oath, he is legally charged with furthering American interests, not the interests of the rest of the world.

The leaders of other countries around the world are also nationalists in their own ways, looking after their own countries’ national interests. This is the natural order of things insofar as world affairs is concerned: all national leaders generally want the best for their own countries & people.

President Trump is 25 months into his presidency. He is restoring the nation’s political and ideological balance in favor of nationalism as opposed to the globalism pushed by Democrats and the Uniparty over the last 60 years. This is still the early stages of that effort, and the president is both leading and teaching us of the direct benefits of nationalism (MAGA) to all Americans.

It is up to us as to help determine whether we continue on this path or succumb to the Left’s globalist and socialist siren song in 2020.

I vote US nationalism BIGLY! How about you?

End of Part I.