Not a day goes by without some kind of horror being exposed in Academia – whether it’s authoritarian suppression of conservative voices, an affirmative action-related scandal, the rampant gender politics, or something else. Or the decline in academic standards, the suppression of teaching the history of Western civilization, the insertion of Marxist American history textbooks (e.g., Howard Zinn’s claptrap, “A People’s History of the United States”) in public schools, and the general curtailing of academic freedom in pursuit of the Left’s agenda. Here are some excerpts from an article that expose the extent of the creeping cultural Marxism that has infested our colleges and universities:

While the foreign threat is real and serious, it pales beside the internal threat represented by the North American education complex. There are 756,900 teachers and professors in Canada, and 5.2 million in the U.S. Almost all of these professors and teachers are daily resolutely and relentlessly attacking Western culture, rejecting American culture, and advocating cultural Marxism.

How did this come about? During the 1960s and 1970s, two converging social movements transformed the culture of education. One was the adoption of Marxism by a wide range of North American university professors in the social sciences and humanities. The other was the widespread adoption of feminist theory. Together, Marxism and feminism redefined North American society as a hierarchy of oppression, with white, patriarchal capitalists at the top, and poor lesbians of color at the bottom. All citizens were redefined as members of racial, economic, gender, sexual, and ethnic classes, with people of white oppressing people of color, males oppressing females, rich oppressing poor, heterosexuals oppressing LGBTQ++, Christians and Jews oppressing Muslims, and so on. This approach is called “social justice” theory.

“Social justice” subjectivity and advocacy have replaced the search for reality and truth in schools and universities. Objectivity is viewed as a tool that straight white men use to suppress females, people of color, and those of various sexualities. Today, in universities, identity is the most important “reality,” and everyone has their “own truth.” If you argue along with science that men and women are biologically different, you are rejected as sexist. If you argue along with science that men cannot be women and women cannot be men, you are rejected as a transphobe. If you argue that African American culture has serious problems, you are rejected as a racist. If you argue that there is discrimination in favor of, not against females, you are rejected as a sexist. Research and evidence on such matters are suppressed. Our school teachers and university professors have been doing their best to discredit and destroy liberal individualism, freedom, merit, the search for objective truth, Western civilization, American and Canadian culture, and capitalism, all contrary to the views of the American and Canadian public. Read the rest here.

To dig into the problems in Academia further, a really excellent discussion of “the ideology behind safe spaces, micro-aggressions, and trigger warnings” on college campuses was held at the Manhattan Institute in 2017. Check out this podcast.

We’re just getting started! Now I’m not a teacher, but my mother, wife, brother-in-law, brother, and several others in my family were/are, so I’m not completely ignorant on the subject. Not to mention having put 4 kids through California schools and colleges. I recently read an article that really got my juices flowing, entitled “The Rich Liberals of Academe.” Although dated, the content resonated with me. Here are some excerpts:

Few places in America have a more monopolistic stranglehold on thought, are more hostile to divergent voices, and are home to larger populations of complete hypocrites than college towns. The fact is that higher academia in America is tolerant of all thought and voices, so long as there are voices of agreement. Beyond just being intellectual hypocrites wholly intolerant of thoughts or voices other than their own, there’s something else college campus elites are: rich.

Average total compensation for professors at elite schools is around a quarter million dollars a year, but that is just the starting point. Books (it helps to assign your own textbook to students), outside lectures, and consulting fees not uncommonly double professorial salaries. Consider MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, whose consulting fees on Obamacare totaled into millions of dollars. [Cvrk reminder: he’s the guy who lied vociferously about the purpose and intent of Obamacare to help get it passed into law?]. Nearly 100 public college presidents and chancellors made more money in 2013 than President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. The heads of 93 colleges made more than the Obamas’ reported total income of $503,183 for the year. Nine public university presidents, out of that group of 93, made more than $1 million in 2013. The rest is here.

What’s the return on that investment that brought all the social justice claptrap into academia? An entire generation who believe that socialism is the answer – people like the clueless Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. No wonder college costs an arm and a leg these days!

Now this may seem like an affront or sacrilege to some, but I have come to believe that being an educator can be a kind of personality defect to some in the field. And the higher level the school, the worse the defect displays. Isn’t it funny that those with the longest list of degrees are those most hoodwinked by the communist infiltration of the US education system. Think about Obama’s first Council of Economic Advisers which was filled with leftist if not overtly Marxist academics. Austan Goolsby, anyone? And that guy CONTINUES to insult us frequently with his ridiculous filibusters on Fox News Channel! He bailed out of the Obama regime early because his recommended policies of redistribution, regulation, and high taxes were abject failures, and yet his “service” during those years is supposed to somehow endow credibility on his commentary in 2019? Absurd.

You have to hand it to those old school communists though: they had a long term, multilayered plan to infiltrate Academia (and other American cultural institutions), and they made it happen. And it’s still happening even though the Soviet Union went sideways. Their fellow travelers who infested our political institutions and were given cover by the Democrat Party over the years continue their actions to undermine public education. They jammed the education system, compromised the media and bought off the political class. It has worked so well that there are communists in every agency and even the military, the Intel Community and the FBI! Who can forget that John Brennan actually voted for Gus Hall in the 1976 presidential election?

We recently learned that former Obama FBI directory Comey was a Commie! Does anyone serious think Comey is a “nominal Republican” despite his registration as such for political reasons?

Now do a search on “Communist infiltration of US universities” and see what pops up. There are tons of articles describing what has transpired over the decades while most of us were watching TV and not paying close attention! I sort of “like” this one because, even though it’s an old one, occasionally the Marxists tell us what they themselves think. And after reading it, think about the fact that these people are EVERYWHERE in Academia teaching our kids!

As Karl Marx’s ideological heirs in Communist nations struggle to transform his political legacy, his intellectual heirs on American campuses have virtually completed their own transformation from brash, beleaguered outsiders to assimilated academic insiders. Where Marxism is thriving, these scholars say, is less in social science courses, where there is a possibility of practical application, than in the abstract world of literary criticism. It is also in this field that new radicals – from feminists who say class analysis leaves women out, to deconstructionists who say historical truth does not exist – have posed the sharpest challenge to those who back Marx’s theories of class struggle. ”Marxism and feminism, Marxism and deconstruction, Marxism and race – this is where the exciting debates are,” said Jonathan M. Wiener, a professor of history at the University of California at Irvine. Read the rest here.

Keep in mind that article was from 1989, and note particularly the confluence of Marxism, feminism, deconstructionism, and race – the forerunners of the claptrap associated with “social justice” on college campuses everywhere these days!

According to analysis by the Mises Institute, smart, market-oriented people lean toward the business and professional world while those who aren’t risk-takers typically choose academic career. This means that academics are more favorably disposed to socialism from the beginning of their academic careers. And those who remain in Academia have no direct experience in the real world, in markets, and in the way things work, except for the theoretical level. This explains Austan Goolsby and some of Obama’s many policy failures doesn’t it?

Plodding law enforcement – and certainly not the politically-corrupt FBI who have the main mission of counter-intelligence! – can and never will keep up with the subversion from within by Marxists in Academia! Or keep up with the downright spying, as the Chinese in particular have learned a lot by watching the Russians infiltrate our institutions. This article on China’s “Confucius Institute” and the infiltration of US universities is particularly shocking about one aspect of their ongoing intelligence collection operations right here in the US!

Just how far gone is Academia? I’m beginning to think that this is an issue that can only be resolved through civil insurrection. But I’m just an old fogey on a keyboard, and there are other possible solutions – none of which can be easily accomplished, I’m afraid. Like I said, I’m not a teacher, but having slept with one for over 30 years, a little bit has rubbed off on me. What to do? Here’s my short list, some of which requires radical surgery on Academia. First, a return to basics in K-12:

  • BIGLY emphasis on reading, writing, vocabulary, and traditional/fundamental mathematics
  • Real American history in middle school and beyond, not the Howard Zinn-oriented Marxist revisionism
  • Special emphasis on the history of Western civilization and how English common law influenced the Founders, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and American jurisprudence
  • Concentrated geography and natural history in middle school
  • World history (American/Western civ perspective) in high school
  • Civics and the US constitution in middle school and high school
  • Diagramming sentences and English composition in middle school and high school
  • Biology, chemistry, physics, computer operations in high school
  • Logic, languages (incl. Latin), music and art appreciation as high school electives

Here is a list of education alternatives and policies that need to be implemented:

  • Trade schools (many technical career alternatives)
  • Age-integrated classrooms (kids learn behavior from older kids)
  • Education vouchers (competition for kids among schools)
  • Merit-based teaching (rewarding the best teachers, not administrators)
  • Fact-based testing (minimize subjectivity)
  • Severe penalties for teachers injecting personal political views in classrooms
  • Disqualification of all Marxists/socialists from the teaching profession (includes loyalty oaths, tests, reviews, and oversight to ensure compliance)
  • Revamping of teachers’ schools toward the above objectives, including the removal of political indoctrination
  • Enforced discipline on any student disturbing the classroom, including removal from the classroom and transfer to a remedial school when appropriate.
  • A significant reduction in federal mandates and the attendant administrators required for oversight.
  • A complete return to merit for grades and advancement – no exceptions!
  • Get rid of Common Core and other John Dewey/William Kilpatrick progressive education claptrap that has infected the public education system for decades.
  • Severely modify if not get rid of Title IX.

It’s a frickin’ travesty that so many Americans are unable to communicate properly these days and are poorly educated about American history, economics, and natural sciences! It sure seems like a lot of those people are Democrats based on what their elected representatives are saying lately. But hey! All the kids these days don’t get their feelings hurt anymore at school, and I guess they can now use any bathroom they want. Amirite? I’m glad I’m an old fogey, as I’d be ticketed for the modern equivalent of “reform school” if forced to endure all this PC nonsense! 

The end.