The Democrats and their lickspittle media have got it all wrong! Americans did not purchase semi-automatic rifles to commit mass murders. They purchased them because, among other good reasons, they fire .223 caliber rounds which are inexpensive to buy, have low recoil, and are just fun to shoot in competition or just on the range. These are not “assault” weapons, which is a name the Democrats have come up with to describe common semi-automatic rifles, which closely resemble military rifles that have selective fire from single shot, 3-round burst, and fully automatic. These weapons are not normally available to citizens. All serving military and former military personnel know the differences. For political purposes, the Democrats play on the ignorance of others who DON’T know the difference.

Those of us who know the difference all laugh when politicians start describing the AR15 as an “assault rifle”, a “battlefield rifle”, a “weapon of war” or some other politically-minded concoction – all of these euphemisms because it is black and scary-looking (to the ignorant).

You want to stop people from killing people? Make parents return to raising their children to respect life. Make schools return to teaching english, math, geography, real American history, and civics and stop indoctrinating them in socialist claptrap. Make people responsible for their actions. Stop codling your kids. Be a parent not a friend. Love your children and your fellow citizens. No, everyone does not get a trophy; someone loses. That’s life! Accept the loss and do better next time.

The Left have purposely coarsened American culture and cheapened the respect for life over the last 50 years in order to create the division and strife in society that is necessary to effect drastic curtailment of constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms. Like always, they mask their real goal using Marxist lingo. They blabber the phrase “gun control” when the reality is that they ultimately want “gun confiscation.” Dumbing down American history in public schools is a tactic toward that end. The younger generations are not taught the real reason for the Second Amendment and how it came to be number two! “Hunting” is a canard; it’s all about providing for the self-defense of citizens against a tyrannical government, as the Founders directly experienced and fully understood.

The Left seek to take our guns because then their totalitarian dreams can be implemented by the government without resistance – just as has happened in other countries throughout history. Totalitarians who seek political power pursue the same tactics everywhere in order to cement full control over their societies: disarm the citizenry, kick God to the curb, implement government-controlled media, etc. But it all hinges on disarming the people!

Do you think I’m being extreme in my view? Here is a perfect example of what the Left would gladly do to law-abiding normal Americans if they could get away with it. This clown is talking about the “Deplorables” here.

Do you seriously think that these people will allow us to keep our arms for “hunting”? My response to the fool is this: over my dead body! And I suspect over a lot of your dead bodies as well. The oath I took as a naval officer many years ago is still in effect. It is our right to bear arms that protects the other liberties enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights! We can’t let them succeed. Stop using the phrase “gun control.” Correct anyone who does by confronting them immediately and using the correct phrase, “gun confiscation.”

In fact, we need to reverse the trend and restore the respect for human life throughout America. If we just care about each other and educate our progeny accordingly, we can return to a time when guns were everywhere and only the really sick minds used them to shoot people. There are still a lot of us “old fogies” who remember what that time was like. It’s possible to truly solve the violence problem if we focus properly on the human element. The Left have no solutions on that score, nor do they want any. We, however, do. We understand that our cultural problems are multi-faceted.

To name just a few: no work ethic; broken families; children growing up absent of parents (especially fathers); promiscuity; drug addiction; multiculturalism (instead of the melting pot we used to have) that eliminates the concept of nationhood, real patriotism, and pride in one’s past history; social isolation; addiction to electronic devices that have transformed the young into a collection of zombies; etc.

We allowed Marxist-progressive ideology to steal and subvert the American education system that at one time taught our young citizens ‘how to think’ and be a responsible productive and accountable element of society. Personal enlightenment, as well as belief in moral and spiritual absolutes as was once known are now dead – just as the Left have wanted them to be.

We can lay the blame for the degradation of American culture on the Left, especially the ACLU and other non-profits who have pushed hard to turn the US into a secular society on par with the countries of Europe. But WE were silent and let it all happen; WE are culpable, too.

Get right with God. Get right with your family. Get right with your neighbors, friends, and colleagues. Demand moral accountability for actions from everyone. Teach Judeo-Christian values to your kids and grandkids. Demand high standards and merit as the means for advancement. Regain control of local school boards and schools. Reset their curricula along traditional lines (getting rid of Marxist claptrap and false American history). Demand accountability from elected representatives at all levels of government. Don’t be afraid to talk about God in the public square. Restore the phrase “free exercise of religion to it original meaning. Excise the Marxist dialect and lexicon from all things. Push back immediately on anyone who parrots that nonsense (e.g., class warfare, deconstructionism, feminism, social justice, environmental justice, gun control, multi-culturalism, etc., etc.).

There are a TON of things we can do on a personal level to help effect the changes that are needed and to roll back the Left’s evil agenda, the lynchpin of which is confiscating our guns. The Democrats are exposing their totalitarian-socialist agenda on a daily basis and must be defeated. Let’s get it done! Oh, and buy ammo and spend time on the range, too. It could be that that will be the most valuable expenditure of your time ever before all is said and done! And enjoy your “assault weapons”!

The end.