Political correctness has weaseled its way into the Navy BIGLY thanks to the worst Secretary of the Navy that we ever had – Ray Mabus – who was gifted to us by the execrable Obama. He “served” for eight long years and implemented personnel policies that helped further destroy readiness and morale. But the process of purposeful and planned deterioration of standards started decades ago, and we’ll get into that a bit in this article. 

First of all, let’s look at the PC insanity as applied to naval aviation. Here are some quotes from a story that frosted me:

The head of naval aviation has directed the creation of a new process for approving and reviewing pilots’ call signs after two African-American aviators at an F/A-18 Hornet training squadron in Virginia filed complaints alleging racial bias in the unit, from which they said they were unfairly dismissed.

In a formal endorsement letter signed May 13, Vice Adm. DeWolfe Miller, commander of Naval Air Forces, said he found the two aviators, a Navy lieutenant and a Marine Corps captain, were correctly removed from Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 106 out of Naval Air Station Oceana due to “substandard performance,” despite errors and inconsistencies discovered in the grading and ranking process. He directed the Chief of Naval Air Training to have all training command and fleet replacement squadrons in the Navy formalize a call sign assignment and review process within 90 days, including appropriate peer board representation for minority and female aviators. And he recommended that multiple officers, including a Navy captain, receive rebukes, counseling or administrative punishment for their role in events substantiated by the investigation.

The Navy pilot, Lt. Courtland Savage, would ultimately leave the service in 2017 and start a new job flying for a civilian airline; the Marine Corps pilot, who asked not to be identified as he remains on active duty, continues to serve as a pilot in a C-130 squadron, having been removed from fighter training in 2016. While at VFA-106, Savage said he was given the call sign “Radio,” a reference to a movie about a mentally challenged black man. Other black students, he said, got call signs including “8 Ball” and “Kazaam,” the latter a reference to a character played by Shaquille O’Neal.

At the heart of Savage and the Marine pilot’s complaints, though, were allegations that they were assessed unfairly compared to their fellow student pilots, and that grade sheets were actually altered after the fact to make their performance appear worse than it was. Both pilots acknowledge they had struggles — Savage in one case “safed” an ejection seat and forgot to re-arm it for takeoff, thus failing the flight — but they said their white peers were given more margin and more chances.

“[T]he preponderance of the evidence clearly indicates that [Savage] was a struggling aviator who received extra attention from the command in order to help him overcome performance deficiencies,” the investigation concluded. There is more here.

One of my retired military pals was incensed by this story and weighed in as quoted below:

The situation described in that Military.com article is sickening and outrageous! Much of the Navy leadership these days sucks the hairy wazoo! I’ve heard and read that suffocating PC is much the same or worse in the USAF, too. Ray Mabus’ emasculating legacy is still very much permeating the Navy today and choking its morale and spirit to death! It will take many years to get rid of these PC apparatchiks that now pop up all over the military, to its great detriment!

The established facts indicate that these pilots in the article rightly washed out of fighter programs not because of racism but because they were a threat to themselves and to others, and had poor leadership and team spirit qualities. That apparently matters not one whit to the PC Police–all that matters is the “race card.” This sounds like the Kara Hultgren situation all over again – boarded 3 times but brought back into the cockpit again and again because she was a “symbol” for the politically correct – until she (predictably) killed herself and another.

The PC police think that diversity in the cockpit is just as easy as diversity on the local elementary school board. Moreover, all the callsigns cited in this article had humorous and even positive connotations (what the hell is wrong with “Shrek?”), consistent with the irreverent traditions of Naval Aviation for everyone, regardless of ethnicity.

I am proud to have known and worked with aircrew with callsigns and nicknames like “Cock(roach),” “Dirt,” “Smegma,” “Gutter Dawg,” “Bam-Bam,” “Rookie,” “Goofy,” “Hulk,” “Dickless,” “Tar Bear,” “Belly,” “Packy J. Rat,” “Growler,” “Dirty Duck,” “Wombat,” “Guido,” “Bandstand” (Dick Clark), “Joker,” etc.

They wore these monikers proudly on their nametags and responded to them on the radios throughout their aviation careers. They understood that such humorous callsigns are meant to bring down a notch the natural hubris of shit-hot fighter jocks and did not take themselves overly seriously. And thus, their ego did not get in the way of leadership, team cooperation, safety, and executing the mission. If you can’t laugh at yourself, or if you cannot take constructive professional criticism and warnings – like the two washouts in that article – then you do not belong in a fighter jet or in a Navy unit that goes into combat expecting utmost teamwork and fidelity from every one of its members!

Couldn’t have said it better myself! My favorite naval aviator callsign is “Donger.” 😊

My turn. The PC armada’s first foray into naval aviation in a big way stemmed from the 1991 “Tailhook” scandal. 

At the 35th Annual Tailhook Symposium (September 5 to 7, 1991) at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, 83 women and 7 men were assaulted during the three-day aviators’ convention, according to a report by the Inspector General of the Department of Defense (DOD). Despite the notorious behaviors documented, hundreds of attending officers took part in the professional proceedings at Tailhook ’91 and conducted themselves civilly. Read the rest here.

The femi-nazis of the day, led by Rep. Pat Schoeder (D-CO) and Asst Navy Secretary Barbara Pope, had a field day in instigating sweeping personnel changes which set the table for the subsequent feminization of the Navy in the years since Tailhook. The aftermath was devastating to the naval aviation community. Over three hundred officers were cashiered, including a number of senior admirals. 

My USNA classmate, Bob Stumpf, was one of those cashiered. A magnificent officer, he was the CO of the Blue Angels Squadron at the time and would almost certainly have been promoted to flag rank later in his distinguished career. He attended the Tailhook convention to receive an award and wasn’t involved but got canned anyway.

I am convinced to this day that the Clinton White House (Hillary Clinton in particular operating in her unofficial capacity) chose to accelerate social experimentation in the Navy at the expense of military readiness while destroying the morale of a key warfighting arm of the Navy – naval aviation in general. The cashiering of those naval aviators amounted to a veritable purge.

Most people don’t understand the affect on military readiness that the personnel policy changes begun after Tailhook – and carried forward to the latest travesty of changing the policy for assigning callsigns to naval aviators – have wrought:

  • Double standards for training and evaluations. 
  • A general lowering of standards throughout the military. 
  • The need to cross-deck personnel to fill in for non-deployers due to pregnancies. 
  • Fraternization run wild.  
  • An increased incidence of male rape swept under the rug by senior leadership as well as the legacy media. 
  • The subsequent lowering of morale and retention rates. 
  • The detrimental impact to military readiness of all of these actions.

Now couple all of that with bad Rules of Engagement, and you have a recipe for disaster in a future war against a peer or near-peer adversary. It won’t be pretty, folks, and a lot of people are going to die needlessly.

The Left have run rampant through American institutions over the past 50+ years. We’ve allowed them to make fundamental changes that are detrimental to the Republic, including in education, medicine, the free press, and the last bastion – the military. We must reverse the ongoing cultural Marxism and other nonsense being foisted upon our culture and institutions – and the downright subversion and sedition being perpetrated – If the Republic is to survive in the form and manner envisioned by the Founders!

The end.

Image: Reuters