Some people wear being super busy as a badge of honor. But what happens when the excessive demands of life and work pile up and bring us to our breaking point? Are you brave enough to call a time out to recuperate? Or do you keep chugging away so that no one thinks you’re ‘weak’? For some men, they feel that they simply cannot talk about being stressed at all. Dr. Andrea explores the idea of work-related stress and recovery with an Olympic athlete who is breaking his silence on how it affected him personally and professionally.

Dr. Andrea, the Creator and Publisher of Time to Rise, dives into the murky waters of how some people, especially men, are afraid to admit that work related stress has created burnout. One of the book’s contributing authors, Jesper Pilegaard, is a former Olympic sailor who found his work in the high pressure banking industry to be a field of never ending pressure. When he finally reached his breaking point his doctor told him he had to take time off — as a matter of life or death.

Coming to terms with the realization that he, an Olympic athlete and highly competent businessman, was forced to admit that the excruciating discomfort of working in a hostile environment had pushed him to his limit forced him to look deep within his own psyche. Jesper explains that seeing his behavior, mindset and expectations through a more compassionate lens helped him recover. Now he is ready to share his message with the world.

About the Book: Dr. Andrea says, “I am truly proud to know these authors as they have inspired me, too. Their willingness to be vulnerable and share their truth has given me an even greater motivation to spread their messages of healing, hope and happiness around the world. Because our world needs these true stories to remind us of our collective and individual strength.”

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Jesper Pilegaard was born on March 6, 1964, in Elsinore, Denmark. He worked in banking for thirty years and is a financial advisor and a Key Account Manager. Jesper is a top athlete, a coach and a lecturer. Co-author of the book Time to Rise Jesper holds lectures, and coaches about stress, and “the will to win.” Jesper participated in the Olympic Games, and many European and World championships in sailing (470 and Laser). He coaches elite sailors in technique and tactics. Jesper is married to Lene and together they have two children—Cathrine and Gustav. His hobbies are sailing, badminton and cycling. Jesper speaks Danish and English.

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