I have to admit, It didn’t even occur to me when the story developed that the hand of Sidney Blumenthal would surface in the recent machinations over allegations that Trump inexplicably colluded with the Russians to deny Hillary Clinton her rightful prize, the uninhibited right to loot the American treasury without let or hinderance. It’s that business of the GPS Fusion Dossier that Hillary’s campaign and the DNC paid for. Did Sid actually have a hand in the scheme?

No doubts exists any longer, but that the DNC and Hillary’s campaign, all one and the same mind you, after Hillary paid off the DNC’s debts and was given complete control, were responsible for that silly hit piece nonsense on Donald Trump colluding with the Russians. From her campaigning decisions it was equally apparent she wasn’t smart enough to come up with such a scheme on her own. Neither was Huma Abedine, Donna Brazil or anyone else in her retinue…except, well, I forgot about the missing Sid Blumenthal.

Upon mature reflection, the only person in Hillary’s past even remotely capable of such a devious, calculated scheme could have been good ol’ Sid. His contribution to, if not actual authorship of the Steeles Fusion Report, can only have come from the twisted fertile mind of a dedicated Progressive, a long time trusted and loyal Clinton acolyte. Who would’a thought? It all makes sense now.

The DNC’s Fusion Report is exactly the type of twisted logic he’s best at, throwing up smoke screens, manipulating the media, plotting devious efforts to obfuscate the true intentions of Progressive political failures and attack and destroy the reputations of Clinton opponents with lies, innuendos and falsifications but, above all, protect Hillary Clinton. What a guy! Even Obama didn’t trust him and forbade Hillary from hiring him into her State Department apparatus. She did anyway, under Obama’s controlling radar.

I supposed Ol’ Sid was out of the picture but, apparently not. It looks like he’s been hiding under a rock like a rattlesnake ready to strike. Sid was Hillary’s ‘go to guy’ who could be trusted to put out the fires of her political mistakes, or set the fires that destroyed her opponents. His best talent was to obfuscate the mistakes she made by creating the false narrative that it was the feckless accusers who were out of touch, and doing exactly what Hillary (and Bill) did. The first rule of Progressive self-defense has always been: “Admit nothing, deny everything and blame somebody else.” Democrats live by this motto. They may die by it too.

The Pandora’s box of “Cracker Jack” flakes and nuts has been cracked open and the toys are spilling out, especially the spinning Top that is ol’ Sid. Don’t expect him to give evidence to any Congressional panel investigating Hillary’s crimes. Either he won’t be there or, like the “Shadow” he’ll cloud men’s minds so they can’t see him while spinning some incredible fairy tale about how it was all Trumps doing all along to make Hillary look bad, as if she wasn’t doing a good enough job of that herself.

Exactly how much reliance did the FBI place on the DNC / Steele dossier in its FISA application to surveil Carter Page? Did they treat the dossier as evidence of crime or as a lead in a CI data gathering exercise? Did Comey lie when he said the FBI was comfortable with Steele’s information because he was a past credible source? How is it possible they continue to claim that the original FISA application was proper now that it’s known the report wasn’t credible at all? Did the FBI leadership behaved improperly? Are they all stupid or just devious? We’ll see!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

IMAGE:  (Susan Walsh, AP)