OfficerDown.US Fills Big Need In Law Enforcement Community

There has never been a bigger need or a more timely organization to assist the law enforcement community than this one. Officerdown.US is working tirelessly to get the word out for officers, their families, and their associates through crowdfunding.  Their ultimate goal is to shine a spotlight where it is needed most – today, we are going to shine a spotlight on them.

Jessica Langgin, Executive Director of OfficerDown.US – a cancer survivor and wife of a retired Las Vegas cop and her mission is to help Law Enforcement families in need through crowdfunding. Her non-profit organization OFFICERDOWN.US is doing just that. Host Randy Sutton talks with Jessica about her survival and the journey to help others in his “interview room.

Who can create campaigns? Anyone in law enforcement or associated directly with affected officers (including family, close friends, officer-focused organizations, department staff, etc). Yes, this means that organizations with a mission to help officers (e.g. IPOF, 11-99 Foundation, C.O.P.S., etc) are welcome to post and use the site as a tool to help make things happen!

What are the most important parts of an online crowdfunding campaign? It’s all about people helping out. So include enough detail, including photos and…if you have one…a video so contributors can get to know those they are helping. And be sure to include some nice “thank you gifts”, which can be as simple as a thank you note, a Twitter or Facebook shout out, a mention in a newsletter, or other things such as t-shirts. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just some form of acknowledgment will go a long way.

In the “Briefing Room”, Randy gives his “View From The Blue” about the ambush attacks of law enforcement officers around the country and how police must respond and in his “Police Story” segment a Chicago Cop writes about the practical jokes cops play on each other to keep them sane.

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