Against ALL ODDS, Ms Fikelephi Jackson Is Still Standing 1

Why is life so hard for me and so easy for everyone else? We all want to explore our dreams and live an abundant life but so many of us are too afraid to do so. This is often because of negative experiences we have had in the past. It can seem that some people are faced with challenge after challenge in their lives while others seem to float along without a care in the world. When you are one of those who struggle daily with overwhelming problems, it can be hard to see the potential your life has for good. The questions we will seek answers for today are:

How does one still stand against all odds?
How does one gain the strength to leave an abusive relationship?
How does one find the courage to be of service despite their own childhood fears and losses?

Jesus Christ didn’t just talk, He modeled what “the give way of life” is all about. When He saw others in need, He helped. When He saw suffering, He healed. When He saw ignorance, He taught. When He saw, people abused, He defended them. He comforted, He prayed for, He cared for people, even His enemies.

Humanity desperately needs people who don’t just talk about Jesus, but who actually walk in His steps, who “visit orphans and widows in their trouble,” and keep themselves “unspotted from the world” as James 1:27 describes. I had the pleasure of interviewing one such disciple my guest, Ms. Fikelephi Jackson author and founder of a thriving nonprofit organization and upcoming empire “Against All Odds Still Standing”, Dare to Dream Dare to Fly in the United Kingdom.

Ms. Fikelephi Jackson was born in apartheid Southern Africa, Zimbabwe. Her father was tortured to death for political reasons before she was born, so from the very moment she entered the world she faced poverty and uncertainty.Her mission is to reach the broken hearted who have been victims of domestic violence and abuse (DVA).

She grew up only to endure an abusive partner, who made violence a daily affair. She manages to escape, but with a weakened self-image and bruised body. After fleeing to the UK, she struggled to make a life for herself and her children. Many years later, Fikelephi’s world was rocked by tragedy again, as she lost her beloved daughter, Patience Jackson in a terrible car accident. Mrs. Jackson says God helped her to understand how to carry on in the wake of these indescribable painful moments, and guide into doing what she was truly meant to do in her life: help others survive as well. Her mission is to help women in domestic violence situations, empower women and girls, and feed the hungry through her organizations. Donations to help fund education, clothing and shelter are always welcome.

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