Much like that severe case of the piles, Barack Obama simply won’t go away. He can’t stand the fact that he was unable to achieve that “fundamental transformation” of the United States that he promised us, and that which he did achieve is rapidly being undone by President Trump. Obama with his massive ego also needs that continual praise and gratification that he received from an adoring press and loyal liberals during his time in office.

Just recently Obama appeared in California – no kidding, surprise, surprise – to preach to an adoring group of California liberal Democrats, imploring them to get out and vote to “restore some sanity in our politics”.

Interesting concept coming from the guy who helped choreograph the rigging of primaries with his own party so that his anointed candidate Hillary Clinton could become the Democrat Party’s nominee to replace him. And who it appears also systematically weaponized the power of government agencies like the FBI and CIA to undo the will of the American people who elected his successor, President Donald J. Trump.

Barack Obama would do well to worry less about political stump speeches and think more about lawyering up instead, considering the information that is coming out as a result of the ongoing investigations into the 2016 election. Then again having supposedly been an accomplished Constitutional law professor as he likes to proclaim, I’m guessing Barack Obama doesn’t feel that he did anything wrong at all and won’t need legal representation at some point. Many Americans are patiently waiting for that ‘deer in the headlights’ look on his face as the handcuffs suddenly go “click, click”.

During his California speech Obama also made mention of Republicans “embracing wild conspiracy theories, like those surrounding Benghazi”. One wonders what it is about the Benghazi tragedy that Barack Obama is obviously troubled by enough to make mention of it during this speech? It seems rather odd that he would choose that subject when there were countless other ‘conspiracy theories’ about his time in office that could have been used. Is another shoe about to drop on Benghazi?

To those at the Diplomatic Outpost and up on the CIA Annex rooftop in Benghazi, what they were dealing with was no ‘theory’ but instead an extreme reality! What was also real was that their government abandoned them. Barack Obama had to disappear for hours into the White House residence to prepare for a political fund-raising speech. Which was apparently much more important to him than American lives hanging in the balance in Libya.

Barack Obama’s cavalier attitude towards what happened in Benghazi is just another example of how he viewed the minions who served America during his time in office. In his own inflated perception of himself the people in Benghazi were ‘throw-aways’. Just like the dozens of police officers who lost their lives on the streets of American cities as a result of Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder encouraging a war on cops that grew out of the lies of Ferguson.

Beer Summits’ aside, Barack Obama’s disdain for law enforcement was barely concealed during his eight years in office. How many times did Barack Obama attend or speak at the annual Police Week remembrance ceremonies that take place in Washington, D.C. every May? Four times out of eight opportunities. Of course if you ask the rank and file police officers who did attend every year it’s likely they’ll all tell you that he wasn’t missed on those occasions that he didn’t show up.

I think all Republicans will encourage Barack Obama to stay on the campaign trail, since if his record of helping his party lose more than one thousand Democrat seats during his eight years in office is any indication, his campaigning can only improve Republican chances.

He truly is the political gift that keeps on giving.