While no one can really say for certain whether or not Barack Obama has the number ‘666’ tattooed on his back somewhere, my bet is that there is definitely a tattoo of a hammer and sickle emblazoned on his heart.

Having been raised and mentored while he was growing up by countless avowed communists, it’s not hard to figure out where his allegiances are if one takes the time to actually investigate. Something the news media was loath to do in 2008 out of concern they might derail the candidacy of their chosen one.

You see, in 2008 when Barack Obama first ran for president he knew that his true ideology would prevent him from achieving the White House. Americans simply would not elect a commie rat bastard president, no matter how charming and suave he might appear to be.

So he concealed his real beliefs from the voters, and passed himself off as nothing more than a liberal Democrat. A strategy that was eagerly accepted and promoted by his allies in the so-called mainstream news media.

And it worked. Enough Americans fell for it, and hoped that they could assuage their collective white guilt for the slavery that had occurred a couple of hundred years ago, so they elected Barack Obama as the country’s forty-fourth Chief Executive. A man who in his life had never run so much as a sidewalk lemonade stand was picked to run the United States of America.

While our allies shook their heads in barely concealed disgust and contempt at this amateur surrounded by a conglomeration of other amateurs in his administration, our adversaries like Vladimir Putin openly laughed in Obama’s face. Barack Obama was dismissed as a lightweight completely out of his league by friend and foe alike.

Unfortunately for all of us Obama set out right away to begin his effort to “fundamentally transform” our country from what was once the most powerful nation on earth, into a weakened shell of its previous greatness. His ‘apology tour’ through the muslim world did nothing but present the United States as weak and pathetic, a once strong nation reduced to being easily pushed around by the likes of Iran, China, and Russia.

Once his presidency and the direction he tried to take America was rejected by voters in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump, Barack Obama could not just fade away into obscurity like his predecessors. His own massive ego could not accept that. Instead he has fully committed himself to continue his goal of destroying everything he despised about the United States that he was not able to accomplish during his eight years in the White House.

Obama has set about creating as many obstacles for his successor as he could, starting with illegally spying on the Trump campaign. And followed in succession by having his minions which still held key positions within the government, including the National Security Council, create problems from within the Trump Administration. Then with the creation of the Mueller Investigation which led nowhere, and ultimately the Democrats’ bogus impeachment attempt. Also doomed from the start.

With the death of a career criminal at the hands of police, Barack Obama took advantage of the opportunity to implement the plan which had long been in place. He and his allies had anticipated, and were waiting for the opportunity to create the kind of civil unrest he had longed for.

As he had done throughout his presidency, Barack Obama immediately began to take advantage of the situation to stoke the fires of racial turmoil across the United States. All intended to further disrupt the Trump presidency, and once again weaken the United States internationally.

He has kicked his efforts into overdrive during this 2020 election cycle. He sees Joe Biden as his own entrance back into the White House and into power, where he can continue his efforts to punish the country he hates.

While the Bible has predicted that before Judgement Day much of the world will fall under the spell of ‘the Beast’ (and looking into Obama’s cold, dead eyes one can certainly see the evil), but it’s probably not likely that he’s really the Anti-Christ. His own ego aside, he’s not really important enough.

Instead he’s just the Anti-American. And Americans are going to once and for all relegate Barack Obama to the “ash heap of history” come November.