The shooting in Las Vegas is old news, yet the politics of it still linger. The victims are soon forgotten and the kneeling is still a debate in the nation’s living rooms and offices. Our media continues to poison our mind and deprive us of useful information. A media that also disguises itself and infuses itself into our favorite pastimes. The U.S. propaganda machine is in full swing.

The guys start the show talking about the NFL and how phony it has become. The duo then talk about the nurse who got arrested for not drawing blood and the firing of the officer who arrested her. A county government is condemning gun violence as is if it was socially acceptable in the past. The guys discuss the Amendments and how much our media stinks. The two close the show talking about the U.S. soccer team failing to qualify for the world cup.

Richard Tracy, host of the new podcast Criminal Masterminds, is a new breed of talk radio and podcasting. Think of Tracy as a Super Hero, only this one does not come with a fancy cape or gadgets. He does not combat villains nor does he jump out of burning and crashing airplanes with out a parachute. What Tracy does and will combat is the anti police rhetoric which has been plaguing the nation along with the political correctness which has prevent people from having the true "honest and open dialogue" on the current issues regarding policing in the Great U.S. of A. He also may make you chuckle like a school kid in the process.