It was once thought to be a third world problem but not anymore! Some experts believe that parasites represent a big problem here in America and is a big reason we are having so many health issues.

I welcome back to the show Dr. Susan Luchas, PhD an MIT-trained scientist and engineer who was forced to apply her critical thinking skills to debug her own family’s health problems. She didn’t stop until her family achieved radiant health. She’s back to tell us what one of the main root causes of her family’s illnesses was – parasites. This show is not for those with a weak stomach…but is crucially important nonetheless.

Parasites are something most if not all of us have, but few people realize how devastating these little creatures can be, especially when they get out of control and start to take over the body. Many illnesses are beginning to be attributed to parasites, flukes and worms of all kinds that humans have. Things like seizures, cold hands and feet, vision problems, itchy burns, night wakings, skin issues, mood swings, etc… They can cause problems in most any area of the body and some believe are at the root cause of many illnesses.

The tests that doctors use to diagnose parasites are VERY unreliable and is one of the main reasons they go undiagnosed. They are also hard to treat. Susan goes over some of the ways they can be treated once found and tells of one doctor she has used that is an expert in treating parasites.

This is one show that could dramatically improve your health if you follow through with the right doctor and treatment to get rid of parasites that no doubt all of us have. Enjoy the listen, but I wouldn’t listen to this show while eating!

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