“We are not meant to live life like salmon swimming against the current” 1

When following your passions, all the right people, all the right circumstances, all the appropriate life lessons fall into place; like pieces to a puzzle. Grief, pain and unwanted situations seem overwhelming in the moment but Susan Casey shares her intimate and raw journey of how the grief of the sudden loss of her brother inspired the next phase of her journey. She chose to silently enter into the grief and found the depths of fear were not overwhelming enough to keep her from writing her next book Mining for Joy in the Deep River of Grief. By going with the flow of life she found joy and peace in death. “Fear is sometimes no more than 6 inches deep”.

“We are not meant to live life like salmon swimming against the current,” Susan Casey

Susan Casey, MSW, MFA, is a writer, clinical social worker, and life transitions coach. Throughout the past 19 years, Susan has worked in hospice, in-patient, and home-based settings with teens and adults. In addition to her clinical work, she’s been committed to researching and teaching the therapeutic benefits of writing to clinical social workers. Her MFA thesis focused on how the art of writing can be applied as a therapeutic tool to facilitate emotional healing, motivate change, and inspire growth.

I'm right where I need to be!
I’m right where I need to be!

When Susan’s younger brother died unexpectedly in February 2014, she experienced firsthand the saving grace of putting pen to paper. Susan chronicled her grieving process on her blog, and became a contributing writer to Open to Hope and The Grief Toolbox. She’s titled her writing journey, “Mining for Joy in the Deep River of Grief” and is currently working on the book, which sprung from the overwhelming responses she received from her personal essays about grief.

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