For quite some time now, I have been wondering where exactly the fault lines will lie in the upcoming American Civil War and World War III. Before you become unduly alarmed, I do not necessarily mean that these wars will be “hot”, but they are surely upon us. The China virus has begun to clarify this point for me and I believe that I now have the answer. The 21st century wars, both intra and inter national, will be fought between those who are substantially suspicious and resentful of authority and whose default mode is thus non-compliance and those who believe that without powerful and pervasive government there can be nothing but life-ending chaos and whose default mode is thus complete compliance with government edicts, no matter how ridiculous or unlawful they may be.

In this context, it is important to remember that under the British and French systems of government, both of which are considered “democratic”, there can be, by definition, no such thing as an illegal government order any more that there can be such a thing in China or in Venezuela. In these systems, once the government is elected and enjoys the support of the majority or, in some cases mere plurality, of the members of the national legislature, it is the government and it alone, rather than the People, who is the absolute sovereign.

In places like Canada and Israel, which follow the British model, there may be Charters of Rights and Supreme Courts, but since there is no concept of God given rights, these institutions and documents simply enforce the dictatorship of the current majority over any minorities that may be opposed to it. This is why in these countries so-called “hate speech” laws can coexist with a professed commitment to the freedom of speech. You are permitted to say only what the majority of your countrymen considers acceptable to be said. Everything else is forbidden. In these “democratic” countries there is no human right, no individual right, that are not subject to negation by a simple plurality vote in the legislature.

In all of the world’s republics, in every democratic country but one, the absolute rights that had once resided in the person of a monarch had never been abolished or replaced. They have simply been transferred (or in the case of constitutional monarchies like the UK, loaned) to the majority. In all but one supposedly democratic countries in the world, the tyranny of the monarch had simply been replaced by the tyranny of the parliament.

The only exception is the United States of America. This exception is the only foundation, the sole perch, of the so-called “American Exceptionalism”.

The distinction between God-given rights and rights that stem from a monarch acting via an elected legislature or an elected legislature itself is far from an esoteric one. It is the key distinction that drives entrepreneurship, exploration, and innovation. Having inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, is very different indeed from having rights that can be taken away from you upon the whim of a misinformed and excitable majority. The most vivid example of this difference can be found when it comes to firearms. I once new an immigrant from Italy to America, the owner of a flight school, whose family belonged to very old Italian nobility. He came quite close to tears when he told me how the Italian government had confiscated antique muskets and rifles that had been in his family for generations, objects that had incalculable sentimental value and a very high monetary one. Needless to say, the “compensation” that the government had offered him was not even pennies on the dollar. His family heirlooms were simply carted away by faceless, faithless bureaucrats, the work of artisans and artists that had survived centuries destroyed in mere minutes. Something very similar is now taking place in Canada and no Canadian can do anything about it.

When the government and only the government is in possession of absolute “inalienable” rights then the people, by simple mathematical extrapolation, are devoid of them.

They are subjects, not citizens, slaves, not free men and women. In these places, the people can only gather the courage to disobey their governments when they form large groups and crowds. “They can’t kill or arrest all of us, can they?” they tell themselves. In these jurisdictions, in the realms of majority tyranny, compliance with government orders is built into the foundation of the psyche of every subject. It is the very essence of slave mentality.

In America, the sole polity that still professes, though less and less convincingly, adherence to the principle that human rights come from the Creator rather than from some ad-hoc parliamentary plurality, non-compliance by individuals is a possibility both in theory and in practice. The hairdresser who had been arrested for defying government closure orders will likely be set free by American courts because the government cannot deny her the God-given right to pursue happiness, which in her case comes down to being able to support her family. In any other “democracy” her fate would have been sealed and she, knowing this full-well, would have kept her shop closed and waited for that government handout along with everyone else.

America may be the only polity where people have real rights, but this does not stop at her borders. The American Revolution was the only true revolution since the Bible forbade human sacrifice and it is still ongoing today. The idea that no man or even group of men, no matter how large, can take away certain human rights because doing so far exceeds their pay-grade is as revolutionary and incendiary today as it was 250 years ago and as scary to tyrants from Trudeau to Xi, from Putin to Macron.

The fact that the world’s most powerful country yet adheres to this principle is forever a shining beacon of hope to every human being now living on Earth and it is this fact that makes America the subject of ridicule and derision by the globalist elites; they know who their true enemy is and they have only one: the American People.

Alas, American institutions have all been taken over by Americans who have sold out their patrimony of God-given rights and liberties and joined the globalist elites. Their motives are easy to fathom. No power trip is complete, no riches are satisfactory, no rights and privileges sufficient, without the ability to deny others their own rights and privileges. Complete control of the fates of other human beings is the ultimate power and as is famously well-known, complete power corrupts completely. I would only add here that the mere pursuit of complete power is sufficient to achieve complete corruption, a fact well-evident as the details of the coup d’etat against President Trump are finally being revealed.

The fault lines in America today have no geographic boundary. There is no Mason-Dixon line to be drawn on today’s map. The lines that are drawn in every American’s heart; to modify somewhat the words of HaTikvah, the Israeli national anthem, as long as the flame of non-compliance, of bloody-mindedness, of suspicion and even hatred of government and all its institutions yet lives in the American hearts, hope is not lost.

In many American hearts that flame has now been extinguished. These hearts are alight with a different flame altogether, the flame of unbridled greed, unchecked power lust, and the overwhelming desire to place others in bondage. These Americans are finding natural allies across the globe. Where once, during the Cold War and even before they worshipped at the feet of the Communist Party of the USSR, they now ally themselves with the Communist Party of China. Where once American entrepreneurs built railroads, motorcars, and airplanes so that Americans could be free, they now build Alexas and smartphones to spy on them and to enslave them. Where once American intelligence agencies delivered victories over Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany, they are now at war with American patriots.

Nature, history, human affairs, abhor the Middle Way. The wishy-washy pretend “democracies” of Canada, Europe, Japan and elsewhere are not going to matter. There is no truth in them. The real battle is between the polar extremes: the American Constitution and the Communist Party of China. Between blind compliance with government orders and open defiance of the same. China has won the hearts and minds of many rich and powerful Americans and those it could not win over it simply bought.

The battle, alas, can no longer be fought on the enemy’s territory. The Constitution is in full retreat. But the light of truth and the will of the Creator is not on the side of grey apparatchiks be they Chinese party officials or American senators. It is firmly with those Americans who yet make room for them in their hearts. Will this suffice? Can a victory yet be snatched from the jaws of defeat? Only time will tell.