'the most NOBLE work of our times' 2

Program #7: The Messages of True Life In God are having an indelible impact on people around the world. “The most noble work of our times”. This expression Jesus uses to describe True life in God really sticks with me. Jonathan Kosoy is our cohost today. Jonathan says ‘The Messages, represent “a modern manual for the spiritual life in our times”. He goes on to further explain it this way:

One way I use to describe the messages is it is Jesus himself explaining what is in the Bible. No doubt there is great value in good bible teaching but this way we can get insight and understanding directly from the author. It is almost like that Woody Allen movie, where a professor is pontificating on Marshall Mccluen and Woody Allen can’t stand to hear this guy’s opinion … and he says I have Marshall Mccluen standing right over here – and Marshall tells the professor you know nothing about my life and work …! So here we Have Jesus himself instructing us on his own work! We have Jesus drawing our attention to where it needs to be for us in our times … and this is like wow! He himself says His messages are a school and He invites us into it. Wow. It is a grace for all of us who are able to hear the voice of Jesus in the messages. And if we read them and think about it, we can never really repay our debt for this grace. I once did a mental exercise where I tried to view my life in its totality since I found the messages and what would it be like – if this had not come into my life. I tried to be as objective as possible. Hard to do with yourself! In doing this I realized the graces that have come into my life via True Life in God – it changed everything. And I mean everything. Lately I have been thinking more about how people can live without God. And what is that like? How can they live with no faith?


Jonathan Kosoy was baptized at the age of 42 on the island of Rhodes into the Greek Orthodox Church. As we discuss on the show, THE MESSAGES have had a profound impact on his life. His studies were in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology, and he resides in Crete, Greece with his wife Maggie. He handles logistics for global field engineering – and his job is to get the right engineer on site to fix it in almost 35 plus countries.

It was hard for a grown man to get into that little baptismal basically designed for babies but I did it. It was a very powerful experience for me … I had a distinct awareness of all this angelic activity going on behind the iconostasis … it was very distinct … this of course is the wooden wall behind which the Eucharist is prepared. It was a distinct awareness of like a portal up into the spiritual world. And I guess that Jacobs ladder picture best describes it. Like there was a ladder there and all these divine beings were climbing up and down in a flurry of activity. When I went to take my first body and blood the components of the Eucharist. I had the distinct feeling I was being led up a staircase. This was very clear. But the funny thing is when I went back to the church the next day …. There is no staircase in that church … it is all flat! I think there are many things going on in the sacraments all the time and we just do not see it …!

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