We live in a time where everyone’s right nobody’s wrong. We no longer look at people, we look through them, we look past them. We don’t acknowledge who they are, nor do they, who we are. We play political games. False dialog has eliminated discussions. Yet we have a world filled of media where you can communicate across the world in seconds from a small hand held device, no one would have imagined this scenario just ten years ago.

We have forgotten how to talk, how to communicate face-to-face, dialog is gone, understanding replaced with Political Correctness, arrogance dominating a lack of discussion, lack of cooperation; frankly a lack of ‘Individual Civility’. Arrogance taken to new heights, every group demanding to be heard, thinking theirs is the only message, and not willing to give a little less of themselves to reach a compromise.

The age of Responsibility and Arrogance

During this pandemic that has isolated people for months, locked down our communities, our economy; causing damage to millions of people’s lives⏤stress and confrontation, violent acts have replaced normality of life. The work environment, our educational institutions are totally affected. No one even knows whether schools will open again at any level and what they will look like when they do.

Peaceful demonstrations have turned into violence and destruction of property. Local stores, cities, parks, churches, and national monuments all damaged, set on fire, or spray painted with grotesque language of hatred.

Major cities have become violent, requiring the presence of local police, state police and in some cases National Guard to safeguard not only the businesses, but the people. The sorry fact is this destruction always affects the minorities that live in these cities, those who have lost their jobs to the pandemic, trying to survive now have nothing. No grocery store, no pharmacy, not even a Walmart or Target to buy essentials of life. 

Then we look at our leaders in Congress, in our states, in our cities⏤none of them seem to have a plan for what to do next. They ignore each other’s successes and failures. In fighting between the governor and the mayor of cities as to policies of how to best protect citizens and property do not seem to matter. 

This all comes just as we were beginning to recover from Pandemic forced closures, opening our economy, and regaining our freedoms, ability to move around the country, to go to a park or enjoy a beach again. Now it has been taken away again, this time by a brutal crime, followed by peaceful protest and now overshadowed by indiscriminate violence brought on by organized elements that desire only chaos and destruction.

These ‘Radical Forces’ recruit the young and idle to join their cause promising them something better which they will never be able to deliver on.

These “rioters”⏤the people that lead are not locals or concerned with the murder of George Floyd, they simply supply the material for firebombs, bricks for throwing at property and police officers. Baseball bats and clubs to use to break windows and to beat on innocent people. These are domestic terrorists by any name, these are anarchists they want to see the destruction of the United States as we know it, they want to see the entire country suffer chaos, destruction and death.

Responsibility for the Dysfunction

Everybody points a finger at somebody else, afraid to look in the mirror, afraid to question themselves because they do not want the answer, the truth.

Our politicians are totally divided and willing to do anything to make their point for their side to win. Even to the point of destroying our country. So called journalists, supposedly responsible individuals on cable news, on HBO, on broadcast, have even called for destruction of our economy, this as a means of wining the November 2020 election. 

Although after multiple investigations, still many are trying to prove their point on who is right. They are the instigator of these tribunals which yield no conclusion and achieve no JUSTICE. It is all political theater with no benefit to anyone; it just causes further division.

This past week a Senate hearing was conducted to look further into circumstances of the 2016 presidential election. Both sides pontificated, gave speeches and repeatedly asked the same questions demonstrating how little they learned, exhibited a failure to listen or maybe just turn a deaf ear because they only wanted to hear themselves speak. 

This is the highest body of our deliberative government, now so divided that everyone talks, no one listens, even in their allotted six short minutes. They waste everyone’s time either on commentary, or why they should be having discussion of more relevant matters. Senator Booker never did acknowledge or ask a question of Rod Rosenstein, the former Assistant Attorney General. 

Mr. Rosenstein, who has since retired, demonstrated in abundance a lack of knowledge, responsibility, and ability to answer questions with a straight simple answer. He rather denied knowledge of situations occurring under his area of direct responsibility or he indicated he relied on the people reporting to him to provide factual verified information as being correctly presented in the legal documents on its way to the courts.

At hearings like these, statements are made by both sides; some have no basis in fact yet become part of the Congressional Record.

Four hours of listening to Mr. Rosenstein’s reply after reply, only one time was he asked if he had reviewed a critical document that required his signature. He finally did admit that he had not read all the documents and signed it based on his confidence in his subordinates. His excuse was the department had 115,000 employees and he does not have time to check up on everyone.

If he was a Military General getting ready to go into battle and didn’t know what his people were doing or having established some as being less than forthright⏤what would the outcome be? 

Should he be found negligent and should he be tried, possibly convicted?

The Media Disinformation Campaign

The media owns a huge responsibility in how discourse and false information has replaced factual reporting and true journalism. The press was guaranteed freedom of speech and protection in the Constitution with the understanding that they would factually report the information and clearly state on an editorial page their opinions.

In today’s world, opinion has replaced fact, and what we hear is scripted dialog. News comes from national services; it has replaced fact finding and questioning by real journalists. They only parrot the information they receive on a video screen as they sit behind a desk with a camera focused on them as they read off a teleprompter or get information via an earpiece.

Morning till night, the 24 hour news cycle goes on reporting the same story relentlessly, not once, but over and over, hour after hour, until we’re sick of it. Some people, far too many, begin to believe it and lose the ability to question what they see and hear.

“Experts” are paraded across the screen giving their opinion, most of them are people you’ve never heard, but have a PhD or MD or some other claim to fame or Hollywood celebrity who played the President in a movie. Then they roll out a “man on the street” an interview and of course they later present this as information again as factual and gospel truth, never saying how many they interviewed until they got the response they wanted.

The COVID-19 virus came out of China and yet even though we were one of the first to shut down travel from China, there was sufficient contamination on the West Coast and later East Coast to launch a pandemic. Lack of early warnings from China, misinformation from WHO and thousands of Chinese travelers to Europe and America have resulted in over a 100,000 dead Americans. Some in the media call that a milestone, I call it a human tragedy, milestones were reserved for achievement, not destruction of human life. It is the media that has this affliction for putting up numbers.  

They always told us each day how many new cases had occurred and how many people died, but only on limited occasion told us how many people recovered from the virus and how many people had very mild cases. 

It makes me wonder about these experts, the doctors, scientists that are out there in front every day giving predictions⏤that have all been very wrong, revising them and blaming them on somebody else’s data rather than their own lack of information and maybe a bit of arrogance.

The question we are left with is how do we fix this?

How To Fix Congress

Congress has been taken over by career politicians, and most of them only have their self-interests at heart.

The founders of our country were farmers, businessmen, local doctors, very few lawyers, a few military men that all had other interests besides running the country. The first Congress was in session for an extremely limited time and they only addressed the critical items of running the country. The government didn’t have far reaching hands that went into all of our back pockets or mechanisms that watched and listened to us every minute of every day, tracked us all across the land. Now they want to identify every one of our movements through “contact tracing”.

Presidents and governors all have term limitations, have you thought of why?

Congress and state governments all have said they do not want an imperial leadership, they do not want the executive indefinitely basically saying they do not want a dictator for life. Even with term limits for the executive branch, the media still calls it an “Imperial Presidency”.

Today, the United States Senate has unlimited terms, each six years in length and 84% of the members are reelected, many of them brag at how long they’ve been in the Senate as a great accomplishment 25- 35 years they celebrate longevity and ignore listing their true accomplishments. The same is true for the House of Representatives even though it is but a two-year term over 80% of house members are reelected.

Have you thought of why this happens?

Basically, every two years the House and Senate declare this is an election year, MEANING nothing is going to get passed in the House, nothing is going to be passed in the Senate. Senate Majority Leader McConnell said this at the beginning of 2018 in January, declaring in fact responsibilities of government were null and void other than getting themselves reelected.

Maybe the best solution is to eliminate the possibility of reelection.

Give the Senate and the House of Representatives, back to what I call PRIVATE OWNERSHIP, the people of this country, and not career politicians who have an overwhelming self-interest of being reelected.

They collect huge amounts of money from lobbyists and political action committees to do dirty deeds. Several Senate races in 2018 had campaign budgets more than $25 million. That is absurd that it takes that amount of money to serve our country. 

If we do not change the people who are making the rules that benefit themselves and not the people⏤then things will never change. They are so adversarial in Congress that nothing ever gets done. 

They cannot even pass a real budget as required by the Constitution. We have had only four budgets approved within the timelines required in the past 60 years. Maybe this is the reason that Congress has an 11% approval rating of the population.

They do not serve us⏤they serve themselves. And it is time that we change that. Hopefully electing people that have the best interests of “We the People” at heart again⏤they will be able to put aside party loyalties and do the work they were sent to Washington DC for, to serve the people that put them there.