The mounting death toll of murdered young black males, including an ever rising toll of innocent black children gunned down in Democrat run cities all around America, most all committed by other young black males, cannot but suggest otherwise. They do hate themselves! 

In Atlanta Georgia, the 4th of July homicide rate highlighted a weekend of riotous havoc. Shootings were not limited to Black Lives Matter outrages but included attempted slayings at a party that left fourteen people wounded; The BLM did coordinate a nighttime attack on Georgia’s Department of Public Safety (Highway Patrol) facility by a large group of blacks armed with rocks, pepper spray, fireworks and 2nd amendment (open carry) firearms. The fireworks even managed to ignite a blaze inside the facility, quickly extinguished by on duty state personnel inside. 

But, this spate of violence isn’t a single weekend phenomenon as the media tells us daily. Ninety-three people were shot in Atlanta during a four week period from 31 May, when the George Floyd protests began to 27 June, end of the reporting period for which complete data is available. That’s up from forty-eight in the same period last year, all black. By contrast, only fourteen were murdered, compared to six during the same period of 2019. The count was the latest period for which complete data was available. Of the fourteen people murdered, one was an 8yr old girl riding in her mothers car who took a bullet to her chest.

Atlanta police officers, like police officers in other Democrat run cities, are becoming afraid to do their jobs, first because of the black Fulton Co, DA’s decision to prosecute a white arresting police officer on capital murder charges doing his job, attempting to arrest a minor offender who chose to flee apprehension, taking and using a police taser weapon, raising the offense to a felony in the process, that cost him his life! Second, because the administrations of both Fulton County and the City of Atlanta, refuse to support their police force(s) in fear of the possible consequences if they don’t. They must appear to take the side of the Black Lives Matter, a group of Communist agitators over the police doing their sworn duty. “Can’t have them wandering the streets angry and armed can we?” So, the police should just back off, because “we’re watching you. Step out of line and we’ll get ya!” Watch for police retirements and resignations start to deplete their ranks.

In response, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R), has called up the National Guard to keep open hostilities toward authority on Atlanta’s streets below the horizon line. Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, a nice enough lady I suppose, does what every Liberal mayor or governor does when they don’t have logical answers, mouth useless criticisms: “Enough is Enough!” Do you suppose?

Here, for example, is a black hater. His name is Don Lemon, an unimportant Far-Left black political propagandist who flaunts his idiocy on CNN for all to see.

Lemon interviewed a black actor named Terry Crews about ‘tweets’ Crews made that flew in the face of the Left-wing narrative on Police Brutality against blacks vs BLM violence against blacks and everything else.

Lemon asked Crews to further explain ‘tweets’ he sent that were critical of the Black Lives Matter movement. Crews said he had decided he was going to “die on this hill,” and told Lemon there are militant factions with the BLM movement and it seems as though people are not supposed to criticize the leaders of the group (or the group), despite their incendiary rhetoric and aggressive tactics. Crews also took issue with how the BLM movement does not seem to care about the black people who are killed by other blacks, including little children.

Lemon’s retort was: “The Black Lives Matter movement was started because it was talking about police brutality. If you want an All Black Lives Matter movement that talks about gun violence in communities, including, you know, black communities, then, start that movement with that name.  Lemons motive of course, like all denying Democrats, is to demonize civil police authority. If doing their jobs causes the death of even one black criminal then that becomes the issue.

Perhaps Lemon can provide a reasonable justification for the murders of these ten innocent black children, all killed on this 4th of July weekend, not by police but by black gang members:  

Royta Giles, Jr., 8, Hoover, Alabama
Jace Young, 6, San Francisco, California
Secoriea Turner, 8, Atlanta Georgia
Natalia Wallace, 7, Chicago, Illinois
Davon McNeil, 11, Washington, D.C.
Unnamed Boy, 6, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Carson Walker, 4, Galivants Ferry, North Carolina
Unnamed Boy, 14, Chicago, Illinois
Elayna Saidee, 12, and
Makeliah Osorno, 11, Delano, California

Lemon’s continued focus is to cry out that Black Lives Matter, matters over everything else, as they decry the police everywhere insisting that our shared national history is marred by white supremacy and systemic racism. Lemon doesn’t see that systemic racism was the heart and soul of the Democrat Party since the end of the Civil War, and still is! 

Racism is one thing, but when a race hates itself so completely that they are willing to indiscriminately shoot down little children at play, suggest Don Lemon’s views, like the Democrat party he protects, are way out of focus. He knows it! He’s an unrepentant Leftist. 

 Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!