No Lecturing or Imposing America’s Morality and Justice upon Muslim leaders

President Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia, by any standard of fairness and logic was a remarkable success for the following reasons:

  1. 81 years King Salman greeted him, Melania and Ivanka personally at the airport
  2. President Trump did not bow to the king but shook hands looking at each other eyeball to eyeball
  3. Melania and Ivanka did not wear hair covering but were dressed in a manner respectful of Muslim traditions
  4. Contrary to Islamic rule, king Salman shook hands with Melania, a woman
  5. Also contrary to Islamic tradition especially in Arabia, Ivanka the Jewess was welcomed on the so called holy land of Islam although historically Jews and Christians lived very successfully on the Peninsula of the Arabs centuries before Muhammad’s Islam that eradicated them almost 1400 years ago
  6. Trump’s reception was absolutely lavish and superb
  7. Besides the usual pleasantries Trump concluded $400 billions in arms and trade with the kingdom that will bring jobs to both countries

What followed was another extraordinary event when President Trump gave a 35 minutes speech to the ingathering of about 55 Muslim heads of state in Saudi Arabia. I first read the whole text of President Trump’s speech and later I listened to it in both English and Arabic translation.

He spoke slowly so that every word could be heard. He gave deserving compliments to his host for the lavish reception that the host has given him and his entourage. Although some of the remarks he made were literally more out of politeness than reality, he did not grovel as Obama did in his Cairo speech in 2009.

What was most refreshing and absolutely correct was Trump’s assertion that he was not lecturing and or imposing America’s morality and justice upon the Muslim leaders. That the USA will not tell them how to behave, how to pray and how to deal with their internal affairs. That the USA will do its utmost to facilitate making peace between the parties who must deal with each other directly.

At 24 minutes of the speech president Trump literally but politely held the Muslim heads of state responsible to eradicate the terrorists in their countries. He closed by blessing all of the Muslim leaders, their peoples and the USA invoking GOD because after all, according to Islam Allah is the same as the God of the Bible.

In summation, whoever scripted the speech did an outstanding job of balancing several extremely important issues at the same time. As far as I am concerned and having listened to the Arab commentators, it will be recorded historically as an outstanding speech stretching the hands of the USA for peace with Islam while holding them responsible to achieve this peace.

Of course as usual, the Fake News, the leftists, the Democrats and the RHINOs will still do their worst to find fault.