When dealing with subjects of Islam and Muslims the tragedy is that most decent human beings (especially Judeo-Christians) who have not read Muhammad’s Quran let alone studied cannot possibly fathom that an alleged religion can be so DEPRAVED. Let me first state the following~ No human being is born evil.

Young children, toddlers’ age, before they have had their minds corrupted, indoctrinated and or programmed, do NOT distinguish between colour, race, gender, ethnicity, religion or political affiliations.

They are all totally INNOCENT. Every human being is a PRODUCT of indoctrination by their parents, their siblings, their family and their culture. Not a single one of us has had the free will to choose our parents, our race, our gender, our nationality or our beliefs.

The followers of Muhammad are not born EVIL. They are Programmed to be EVIL: to Hate and Discriminate against all those who do not believe as they do whom they derogate calling them Kuffar/ Infidels/ Unbelievers.

The male followers of Muhammad treat their females (750,000,000) as if they are one little step higher up the ladder of evolution than domestic animals without individual rights, devoid of respect and love, shorn of any freedom of expression or thought by dominating them through terror, fear and violence both verbal and physical.

Muhammadan Islam is Theocratic and hence does not allow for freedoms of conscience, of political rights, of religious rights, of democracy, of individual human rights and dignity etc. All one has to do is look at the 57 Muslim majority states in the world today and you already have your answer.

It is the Quran which instructs them to HATE 80% of non-Muslim humanity (Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, etc) because they do not believe in Allah and in Muhammad as his messenger.

It is the Quran which discriminates against the women followers of Muhammad and treats them like chattel.

It is the Quran which forbids the followers of Muhammad from ever questioning its contents nor allow reading and exploring the beliefs and religions of other people, lest they find out the facts and reality about itself.

It is the Quran which divides humanity into TWO camps: that of the Believers Dar al Salam (Territory of Peace) AGAINST that of the UNBELIEVERS Dar al Harb (Territory of War).

It is the Quran which mandates that the whole of humanity has to submit to Allah’s SHARIA  or be EXTERMINATED.

It is the Quran which mandates that Muhammadan Islam should be at War, to Aggress, to Expand, Enslave and to Plunder all so called Unbelievers/ Kuffar..

Islam’s own historical record is a testament to these facts.

It was Muhammad, in his Quran who, 1400 years ago, unilaterally declared total war against all other human beings on earth who do not believe as he does.

It is the clear and the publicly declared intention of the followers of Muhammad, in all forms of media, especially in the Western Democracies, that their objective is to ISLAMIZE (submit to Sharia) Christian Europe, Hindu India, Buddhist China and all others.

No human being can find a single operative merciful or compassionate verse in the Quran towards any and all unbelievers/ kuffar.

Muhammadan Islam, and its male followers, exhibit obscene degrees of Hypocrisy, of Mendacity and of Racism; compounded with a Pathological and Depraved Indifference to Reality, to Facts, to Mercy, to Compassion, to Veracity, to Loyalty, to Friendship and to Language.

While Muslims in our democracies demand their rights of religious traditions, they forbid the same rights to Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and Animists among them.

While they are allowed to build many of the most gigantic mosques in the democracies, they forbid the building of ANY holy places to others in Muslim lands.

While they demand equal rights under the law in the democracies, they give none to others.

While they are allowed and take advantage of proselytizing in our democracies, they would execute anyone from another religion for doing the same in their states.

While they are allowed to preach and flaunt the Quran in public in our free countries they forbid the same to any others under penalty of death.

While they welcome converts to Islam, they will execute them if they change their mind to opt out.

They are explicitly forbidden in the Quran from befriending any Christians and Jews as well as any unbelievers.

In most Muslim states they attack, burn, rape, abduct, force into conversion, plunder and desecrate the holy places Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and others with the full support of their governments.

100% of all acts of TERROR in the world today against Infidels/ Kuffar, such as hijackings, suicide bombings, blowing up trains, cars, buildings, etc – invariably against defenseless and innocent civilians, in Europe, Asia, America and Africa, are conducted by the ‘peace loving’ followers of Muhammad.

Islam does NOT mean peace. In Arabic, Islam means only SUBMISSION.

Submission to Allah.

They want to drag the whole of humanity down to their level, the ABYSS of Ignorance, of Stupidity, of Hate and of Discrimination.

Muhammadan Muslims are the CLONES of Muhammad even after 1400 years and for ever.

The common denominator in all of the above has its roots in the most virulent virus that has ever infected the human mind called Quran.

The disease is called Islam. The symptoms of this disease are: Hatemongering, Warmongering, Ignorance, Stupidity, Discrimination, Racism, Intolerance, Misogyny etc. This disease is propagated by the so called ‘religious’ leaders such as Mullahs, Imams, Ayatullahs etc in their Mosques, Madrasahs (religious schools), their education system and their media. This infection attacks the brain centers of the followers of Muhammad especially the areas dealing with Logic, Mercy and Compassion, turning the victims into ZOMBIES, the Living Dead.

No Compassionate and Merciful divinity would have produced the Discrepancies, Hatemongering, Warmongering, Discrimination, Historical and Character dislocations, Mendacities, Abnormalities, Inconsistencies, Time and Space Displacements and Grammatical errors that permeate the Quranic verses in chapter after chapter.

In FACT, every letter, every word, every verse/ayah and every chapter/ surah in the Quran are the product of Muhammad’s personal thoughts and imaginings, the secretions of his warped mind reflecting his own Alter Ego but very cleverly projected into the unsuspecting mouths of Allah and Gabriel to give them the aura of sanctity and divinity.

There is, in the final analysis, absolutely nothing Divine about Muhammad’s Quran and any follower of Muhammad who would attempt to challenge my statements and conclusions – based entirely on the records authored by the Muslims themselves – will have the same probability of success as a Snowflake in Muhammad’s Inferno.

The Quran is Ungodly and Satanic.

Its Fundamentalist followers have no choice but to be the same.