During an interview sometime before he left office Barack Obama told us that just because he was leaving the presidency, “his work wasn’t finished”. Considering all of the civil unrest and rioting taking place all across the United States, it’s pretty obvious that Obama and his allies have continued their goal of trying to “fundamentally transform” this nation, all from the confines of the Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard mansion and their lavish home in Washington, D.C.

What has been occurring in every major U.S. city is no longer a spontaneous eruption of anger and outrage over the video of a Minneapolis police officer involved in the death of a career criminal. What is happening is a choreographed and coordinated communist insurrection. One that in fact threatens the survival of our very nation as a Constitutional Republic.

Barack Obama himself complained at one point during his presidency that he was prevented by the U.S. Constitution from achieving some of the things that he wanted to do. Obama viewed our founding documents as an impediment to his work.  

When the illegal spying ordered by Barack Obama on the Trump Campaign was discovered and revealed, Obama and his allies in the Socialist-Democrat Party were unconcerned. They knew that they could count on the compliant (complicit) news media to downplay and even cover up Obama’s crimes, as they had willingly done for Obama when he first ran for president back in 2008. And as they had continued to do throughout his presidency.

And since the Socialist-Democrats fully anticipated a victory for their party in the 2016 election they were confident that their schemes would never become public knowledge. With the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, the nominee of the Socialist-Democrats’ who happened to be the most dishonest, corrupt, and despicable politician in American history to ever run for the highest office in the land, the party loyalist were stunned.

And they were mad as hell. Barack Obama’s plans to continue his attacks on American institutions were temporarily sidetracked by the Trump victory. A new plan of action would have to be formulated.

Obama and his minions – the Obamunists – changed their strategy, looking for other ways to remove President Trump from office and get their communist revolution of American back on track. Unfortunately President Trump’s appointment of a weak attorney general in Jeff Sessions opened the door for the Mueller Investigation.

But the corrupt Socialist-Democrats were once again thwarted when the Mueller investigation did not result in the anticipated ‘crimes’ they were going to use in order to remove President Trump from office. Now they had to come up with yet another plan which ultimately led to the impeachment trial of the president over a telephone call with the Ukrainian leader. Another attempt to remove him which was doomed to failure from the start.

Even with the support of people like Mitt Romney who claim to be a Republican, when in reality he is nothing more than a sore loser who can’t accept the fact that President Trump has no interest in listening to his counsel, the impeachment farce failed miserably.

With the U.S. economy under President Trump’s stewardship bringing economic vitality to every segment of society, the president was heading full speed ahead towards reelection in November. Firing on all cylinders right up until the COVID-19 pandemic was leashed upon the country by Communist China.

Exhibiting the leadership that was nonexistent under his predecessor, President Trump immediately took steps to protect the country from this foreign viral invader. Almost immediately he banned travel from China to the U.S. followed quickly by another travel ban from Europe. Actions which resulted in the Socialist-Democrats accusing him of “xenophobia”, when the reality is that President Trump saved countless American lives.

When New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo whined about the lack of hospital beds to handle the patient load, President Trump immediately and in record time sent a U.S. Navy hospital ship to New York harbor to assist. A bold and unprecedented move that ultimately went unused by the New York politicians.

President Trump also directed the power of American industry to respond quickly and begin producing needed ventilators and PPE to help treat those afflicted, and protect medical professionals. And American Industry responded, effectively producing more than enough ventilators for our own needs, and even allowing for the export of ventilators to help other countries also experiencing the effects from the China virus.

All of the Socialist-Democrat efforts failed to achieve the goal of removing President Trump from office. 

The economy was also beginning to recover from the devastating losses during the pandemic. So the Socialist-Democrats were forced to try to find another way to achieve their goal of removing the president. After all, as Nancy Pelosi once said, “one way or another he will not be president”. Something she fully intends to complete, one way or another.

With a plan already in place just waiting for an opportunity to implement it, the Minneapolis incident was the gift they were waiting for. And immediately the Obamunists sprang into action, rioting and creating destruction around the country. Civil unrest that has continued unabated ever since. And all of the tactics right out of the Communist playbook.

Indeed, the Socialist-Democrats and Obamunists are desperate to prevent the reelection of President Trump. All of the investigations into the decades of crime and corruption on their part will abruptly end if President Trump is defeated in November. And no one will ever be held accountable. All part of the Obamunist’s plan to continue the insurrection and their attempt to overthrow the government of the United States of America.

After all, “no communist regime has ever willingly just given up power”.

Image: Reuters