During his first campaign for the White House back in 2008 Barack Obama without really providing an explanation of what he meant, asked us all to join him as he “fundamentally transformed the United States of America”.  Fortunately for all of us he had about as much success doing that as he did everything else for eight years. He failed miserably.

Barack Obama didn’t succeed in transforming the nation into the socialist/communist hell-hole that he had in mind, though in his eight years he certainly did enough damage to our nation that it may take decades to undo and repair, and to get America back on the right track.

Since he left office, the Obama cabal has been hard at work continuing their efforts to disrupt life in America, and cause as many problems for his successor President Donald Trump as is humanly possible. While Obama plays the ‘statesman’ to his admiring news media, behind the scenes Obama is pulling the strings on everything bad that has happened to our nation since Donald Trump became president.

Never before has a former American president after leaving office attempted to sabotage his successor’s administration as has been done publicly, and behind the scenes by Barack Obama. Treasonous behavior by any definition.

Barack Obama is a pathetic loser whose hatred for our country is unbridled. He’s made it his mission to do everything in his power to stop President Trump from achieving great things for the country⏤and in particular to undo the damage done by Obama, both domestically as well as internationally during his time in office.

It’s the kind of behavior one would expect from a typical little spoiled despot. Obama, the ‘man-child’ came from an extremist radical background and had no business even being in this country, much less occupying the highest office in the land.

Barack Obama’s fingerprints are all over the rioting and Black Lives Matter protests that have been ongoing across America since the death of the career criminal George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police.

Obama intends to keep the unrest going right into the fall to try to disrupt the Republican Convention and November election. And above all else, try to prevent the re-election of President Donald Trump.

Obama and his minions are confident that most Americans are too comfortable in their suburban homes, or too lazy to stand up and fight back to prevent what Obama intends to do, which is complete his “fundamental transformation of the United States”.

Well Barack, I have a message for you. There are enough REAL American patriots out here that your little schemes aren’t going to succeed. We’re prepared to meet whatever you and your bands of thugs throw at us with a greater response than you can imagine. As the old saying goes, “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight”. And as hard as you wanted to and tried to do, you didn’t get our guns. And you never will. 

The Constitution guarantees it as our right, and it’ll never be relinquished without a fight. In other words, “from our cold dead hands”.

We won’t sit back and allow you and your Obamunists to destroy this country. You can take your “fundamental transformation” and shove it where the Sun don’t shine. You will lose Barack. And America wins.

Image: Reuters