The legal process of gaining a license, how to apply, and who will be granted this license are all confusing elements in the cannabis markets. Our role here at LA Miracle Cure is to clear this confusion up with real-time facts and expertise. While California is positioning itself for the legalization of adult use entitled recreational use which will be added to the medical use of cannabis. Today on the show we will take a closer look at the process of doing business in the cannabis industry from the legal side with two stellar attorneys.

Both Attorney Toni Forge and Attorney Monique Jackson Fitzgerald, from 4 LEAF CONSULTING are in the spotlight as two women in a male dominated world working business to business experts on the in and outs of cannabis legalization in California. Their very interesting perspective will delve into the legalese and setting legal precedent for the future. This is a must hear show in the series giving a real look at the laws from other medical states and what does it mean to be in business as the Federal government is still looking on with a schedule 1 drug that could become a priority.

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