It is no secret that the twenty-nine member country’s that compose NATO was dying by economic atrophy because few of those countries were not paying their fair share⏤a mere 2% of each country’s GDP. They anticipated that the United States would, as always, pick up the tab, needing to be loved around the world. Germany is the worst offender.

The leaders of these European country’s, and Canada, have had three years to take the measure of Donald Trump and gauge his temperament. Because he’s a loud, boisterous Yank, they have written him off as a buffoon of sorts, not to be taken seriously until he started turning off their money taps while reminding them of their obligations to support NATO.

When Trump was campaigning he said that NATO needed reform so it could meet the increasing challenges of the post-Cold War era, most particularly a growing Russia, and Islamic terrorism. To be relevant in today’s century the importance of each member state to be up to par  materially and economically, hadn’t changed from the Cold War era. It was simply allowed to wither. Even the US Military was allowed to decline from the world’s only military superpower to the laughably socially engineered champions of diversity and inclusion. Weapon systems were not sustained, modernized or increased, but Obama made male soldiers to be fitted with high heel shoes to feel the pain of what women feel. 

Trump saw all that as nonsense and said so. He vehemently raised loud objections to the unequal role the US played in sustaining NATO, including what former US Presidents had allowed to happen.

Trump understands facts, economics and how the US taxpayers were being screwed. The fact that America was contributing vast amounts of taxpayers cash to NATO while the effete European begged off their treaty spending commitments, irked him beyond measure.

Trump was having none of it and became adamant about restoring NATO to its previous strengths by demanding all the members pony up their share. That could only be done by telling them, and the world, over and over again, to get off their cans and pay up so that us poor sots, the  American taxpayer, were no longer obliged to carry the burden of the Europeans security needs. Poland is one country that sees it obligations and are paid in full.

Shortly after taking office Trump said: ”Over the last eight years, the United States spent more on (European) defense than all other NATO countries combined,” “Two percent is the bare minimum for confronting today’s very real and very vicious threats. If NATO countries made their full and complete contributions, then NATO would be even stronger than it is today, especially from the threat of terrorism.” I’ll bet they hated hearing that. Logically, Trump is spot on. An alliance like NATO cannot rely on one “sugar daddy’ member country to carry the load for all.

When Trump speaks, the leftist media always reports his remarks out of context portraying, as they always do, Trump as an opponent of NATO intent on undermining the alliance. Trump may be loud and boisterous but he carries a big stick. They are all starting to realize that. Donald Trump is working hard to revamp the alliance so that it can meet the security challenges of the 21st century — and his outreach to NATO countries is accomplishing just that.

At this weeks London NATO summit, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the alliance was “making real progress” on burden-sharing. He pointed out that Canada and the European members had invested an additional $130 billion on defense since 2016, with the goal of reaching $400 billion by 2024. Wow! 

The fact that the French speaking leaders undertook to criticize President Trump behind his back with snide insulting remarks, and on an open microphone no less, only serves to show that, like the Democrats, the wannabe world leaders still don’t accept there is a loud Yank in the room and he’s in charge. Image: AP

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